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03 Dec 2021

Chinese government issues bonded bunkering permission at Guangzhou port

Permission issued on 25 November under the ‘Opinions of the State Council on Launching Pilot Work on Business Environment Innovation’ document.

03 Dec 2021

Dan-Bunkering trial: Defence lawyer pleads for full acquittal of clients in court

Last day of Dan-Bunkering’s trial over violation of alleged EU Syrian sanctions ends on 1 December; judgement to be made on Tuesday (14 December).

Kirby Inland Marine to pay over USD 15 million for damages from oil spill in Houston Ship Channel

A Kirby towboat discharged approximately 4,000 barrels of oil from one of its barges into the Houston Ship Channel at the Texas City “Y” crossing in March 2014.

03 Dec 2021

“K” LINE conducts trial use of marine biofuel on car carrier “Polaris Highway”

Marine biofuel was delivered to the vessel at Dutch port of Flushing on 6 November; after leaving the Europe Emission Control Area.

03 Dec 2021

NYK, MTI, ABS, WinGD conduct joint research on battery-hybrid system to reduce GHG emissions

Group will jointly design a ship in a digital space together with ABS to conduct simulations of navigation that assumes meteorological conditions in actual seas.

03 Dec 2021

Norway: ZeroCoaster ammonia-fuelled cargo ship receives Approval in Principle from DNV

First time an alkaline fuel cell with ammonia cracker and fuel storage has received the AiP which opens opportunities to use green ammonia as a bunker fuel, says AFC Energy.

03 Dec 2021

ABB to become technology partner for world’s first methanol-hydrogen fuel cell towboat

27-meter towboat “Hydrogen One” will travel with a load for about four days at the speed of 6 miles per hour, covering approximately 550 miles before the need to refuel.

03 Dec 2021

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