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Singapore: Consort Bunkers and partners to develop ammonia bunkering tanker

Consort Bunkers, ClassNK, Daihatsu Diesel, Daikai Engineering, and SeaTech Solutions International signed a MoU concerning a joint study on an ammonia-fuelled ammonia bunkering tanker.




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Singapore-based bunker supplier and logistics services provider Consort Bunkers Pte Ltd and four other organisations signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop an ammonia-fuelled ammonia bunkering tanker, according to classification society ClassNK on Friday (8 September). 

Consort Bunkers, ClassNK, Daihatsu Diesel Mfg. Co.,Ltd., Daikai Engineering Pte. Ltd., and SeaTech Solutions International (S) Pte Ltd. agreed to jointly study the concept design of the tanker to achieve an approval in principle (AiP) from ClassNK.

The MoU was signed by representatives of all five parties in the presence of an official from Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) at Gastech 2023 held in Singapore.

Daihatsu Diesel develops alternative fuel engines including for ammonia, Daikai Engineering provides sales of machinery and marine equipment and after-sales service in the Southeast Asian region and SeaTech Solutions International designs ships equipped with alternative fuel engines.

Hayato Suga, Executive Vice President, ClassNK, said: “It is our great pleasure to work together with prominent partners to fill in the pieces for advancing decarbonization of shipping. ClassNK will strive to fulfil its role, reviewing the safety and integrity of the developed design in accordance with our rules related to ammonia transport and its use as fuel, and hope to materialise the outcome as our AiP.”

Yeo Siok Keak, Director/General Manager, Consort Bunkers, said, “We are much honoured to be part of this collaboration with the various esteemed partners on the development of ammonia bunkering. Consort is looking forward to rendering full support in the collaborative study for concept design and AiP initiative towards the realisation of decarbonized shipping.”

Yoichi Hayata, Director, Technical Management Division, Daihatsu Diesel Mfg. said: “Recently, there has been an urgent need to reduce GHG emissions from ships, and the use of ammonia as a zero-carbon fuel has been attracting attention, however, there are issues with combustibility and safety. We have already conducted basic tests on ammonia, and have obtained knowledge on combustion characteristics, trends in exhaust gas emissions, precautions for handling, etc. Utilising this knowledge, we will join forces with MOU member companies and contribute to the cooperation in acquiring ammonia bunkering vessel AiP and the development of GHG reduction technology.”

Mikio Kaneda, Managing Director, Daikai Engineering, said: “We are both honoured and excited to be part of this collaborative venture. The maritime industry stands at the cusp of a transformative era, and our joint effort to develop an ammonia-fueled vessel embodies our collective commitment to sustainable innovation. Together, we are not just envisioning a greener future; we are actively working to make it a reality.”

Govinder Singh Chopra, Managing Director, SeaTech Solutions International, said: “SeaTech is committed to the MPA initiative for the Net Zero decarbonisation of Singapore Harbour Vessels. I am looking forward to embarking on this new chapter of sustainable innovation with Consort Bunkers, ClassNK, Daihatsu Diesel and Daikai. We have formalised our commitment with the signing of this MOU for the AiP of the ammonia bunkering vessel design, gearing up the Singapore bunker industry for safe ammonia bunkering. Together, we are paving the way for a greener, safer, and more efficient maritime sector.”

Capt M Segar, Assistant Chief Executive (Operations), Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, said: “MPA welcomes studies, pilots, and collaborations that contribute to the maritime sector’s decarbonisation efforts. Joint studies such as the one under this MOU, are useful in bringing together the collective expertise and experience of various leading stakeholders to deepen the industry’s knowledge and confidence in handling the new future fuels, and to accelerate the development of future fuel solutions to meet the revised IMO GHG emission ambitions for international shipping.”

Photo credit: ClassNK
Published: 12 September, 2023

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Singapore: EPS orders ammonia, LNG dual-fuel vessels from China

EPS signed one contract for a series of ammonia dual-fuel bulk carriers with CSSC Beihai Shipbuilding and another for a series of LNG dual-fuel oil tankers with CSSC Guangzhou Shipbuilding International.






Singapore-based Eastern Pacific Shipping (EPS) on Wednesday (28 February) said it signed two new contract orders in a signing ceremony in Shanghai, one for a series of ammonia dual-fuel bulk carriers with CSSC Beihai Shipbuilding and another for a series of LNG dual-fuel oil tankers with CSSC Guangzhou Shipbuilding International. 

The contracts signed cover four 210,000 dwt ammonia dual-fuel bulk carriers and two 111,000 dwt LNG dual-fuel LR2 oil tankers, expanding our fleet of green vessels on water. 

“These are pivotal for EPS, testament to our continued commitment towards the decarbonisation of shipping,” EPS said in a social media post.

Manifold Times recently reported EPS signing a contract for its first ever wind-assisted propulsion system, partnering with bound4blue to install three 22-metre eSAILs® onboard the Pacific Sentinel

The turnkey ‘suction sail’ technology, which drags air across an aerodynamic surface to generate exceptional propulsive efficiency, will be fitted later this year, helping the 183-metre, 50,000 DWT oil and chemical tanker reduce overall energy consumption by approximately 10%, depending on vessel routing.

Related: Singapore: EPS orders its first wind-assisted propulsion system for tanker


Photo credit: Eastern Pacific Shipping
Published: 1 March 2024

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LNG Bunkering

CMA CGM welcomes second 7,000 CEU LNG dual-fuel RoRo vessel

‘Equipped with LNG and battery hybrid technology, she sets a new standard in reducing emissions, offering a greener pathway for the booming electric vehicle market, says firm.





CMA CGM Monaco

French shipping giant CMA CGM on Monday (26 February) welcomed its second in a series of 7,000 CEU RoRo vessels, CMA CGM Monaco, to its fleet. 

“As the second in a series of 7,000 CEU RORO vessels, the CMA CGM Monaco's maiden call at Yantai heralds a significant leap in automotive transport between Asia and Europe,” the firm said in a social media post.

“Equipped with LNG and battery hybrid technology, she sets a new standard in reducing emissions, offering a greener pathway for the booming electric vehicle market.”

 “With 12 decks and capacity for 7,000 vehicles, the CMA CGM Monaco is at the forefront of enhancing China-Europe trade exchanges.”

 A week ago, CMA CGM announced the successful maiden voyage for CMA CGM Indianapolis, the first of four identical RoRo ships, in Northern Europe. 

“Launched just last December, her first stop at Bremerhaven wasn’t just for unloading; it also marked her LNG bunkering, a testament to our commitment to sustainable shipping,” it said in a separate social media post. 

Last week, Nordic liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunker supplier Gasum also said CMA CGM Indianapolis just had its first bunkering in Bremerhaven.

Related: CMA CGM receives first ship in series of 10 LNG-fuelled container ships


Photo credit: CMA CGM
Published: 29 February, 2024

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ZIM names three newbuild LNG-powered containerships at China, Korea yards







Haifa-based ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. On Thursday (22 February) said it participated in naming ceremonies of three new vessels at shipyards in Korea and China.

The naming ceremony of ZIM MOUNT ELBRUS and ZIM MOUNT VINSON, the final additions to the series of ten 15,000 TEUs advanced LNG vessels, took place at the SHI Geoje shipyard in Korea.

These new vessels are planned to be deployed on ZIM Container Service Pacific (ZCP), ZIM's flagship service connecting Asia and the East Coast of the USA.

With the addition of these two vessels, the ZCP service will deploy exclusively LNG vessels. ZIM vessels are the first LNG vessels to call ports on the East Coast of the USA.

ZIM PEARL, the fifth vessel in the series of fifteen advanced 7,700 TEUs LNG vessels, was named at the Jiangsu Yangzijiang shipyard in China.

“The completion of the series of ten 15,000 TEUs LNG vessels represents a significant milestone in our journey towards zero emissions, with the cleanest technology available on a large scale today,” said ZIM President and CEO Eli Glickman.

“ZIM's investment in LNG-powered vessels underscores its dedication to reducing carbon emissions and embracing a cleaner, more sustainable future for global shipping. Approximately one-third of our operational capacity will be powered by LNG once all 28 LNG green vessels join our fleet. ZIM is poised to solidify its position as an industry leader in sustainable shipping practices.”

Glickman added: “Moreover, the introduction of these modern, efficient vessels underscores their essential contribution to ZIM's operational performance. As the company navigates through a dynamic and fast-changing business landscape, the renovated fleet of cutting-edge vessels plays a pivotal role in ensuring resilience and adaptability, steering towards a brighter and more sustainable future.”


Photo credit: ZIM
Published: 29 February 2024

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