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Titan LNG rebrands as Titan to reflect commitment for decarbonisation

16 Jun 2022

Independent bunker fuel supplier to the marine industry Titan LNG on Wednesday (15 June) announced it has rebranded as Titan. 

The new name better reflects Titan’s commitment to delivering all the fuels that decarbonise the shipping industry in a substantial way, such as liquefied biomethane (LBM), and any hydrogen-derived green fuel in the future, says the firm. 

Titan specialises in providing shipping and industrial customers with end-to-end clean bunker fuel solutions. This includes project planning, physical supply and delivery, as well as risk management and hedging services to mitigate price fluctuations.

As an independent clean fuel company, Titan is not locked into conventional liquefied natural gas (LNG) long-term and can work with other suppliers of low carbon and carbon neutral fuels to enable reliable availability and supply anywhere in the world, the company explains. 

“As one of the first companies in Europe to provide safe delivery of LNG and LBM, we have proven ourselves to be pioneers in the market and continue to expand our services globally. Dropping the single product focus from our name reflects how we will use our expertise for other fuels that will emerge after LNG. Our extensive investment program for the immediate and long-term future is 100% dedicated to carbon neutral fuel infrastructure, such as LBM production plants and LBM bunker vessels,” said Niels den Nijs, CEO, Titan.

“Today, LBM is the fuel of choice for many shipowners which provides a clear pathway into a carbon neutral future with the possibility to blend in hydrogen-derived e-methane when available. However, we recognise that decarbonization will require a range of solutions, and when other alternative fuels become available at scale, we are ready to add them into our supply portfolio.”

Titan collaborates with various shipowners to create clean fuel delivery programs that are tailored, safe, and cost-effective. It currently operates four LNG and LBM supply vessels across Europe; two FlexFuelers, the Green Zeebrugge, plus regularly chartered vessels. The newbuild program, that consists of the Krios and Hyperion series, will join Titan’s expanding infrastructure in late 2024 on the back of the long-term contracts in place. 

Titan will only produce, source, and supply carbon neutral products that originate from second generation residues or renewable electricity to produce hydrogen from electrolysis, e-fuels, including hydrogen-derived e-methane, green methanol, and green ammonia. 

Engine manufacturers are designing and building dual or multi-fuel engines that are, or will be, capable of using many of the future fuels being considered. This protects the capital investments made by vessel owners today and reduces future fuel risks, regardless of whether technologies change or not. 

Niels den Nijs concluded: “The name change represents the natural evolution of our company, the conversations we are having with current and future clients, together with the various EU fundings we have received for LBM production plants and hydrogen-derived e-methane projects. We are excited about the future and believe that Titan is perfectly placed to support shipowners and the industry as it transitions to a net zero carbon future.”

The Titan rebrand follows the news that, in partnership with Attero and Nordsol, Titan has recently been awarded €4.3m in funding for a LBM production plant in Wilp, the Netherlands. 

The FirstBio2Shipping project, set to be completed in 2023, will achieve a decentralised production of LBM designated for use in the maritime industry. More LBM projects are underway, as well as hydrogen derived e-methane projects that are nearing final investment decisions. 

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Photo credit: Titan
Published: 16 June, 2022

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