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ReFlow to equip Scandlines electric hybrid ferry with ‘digital twins’

23 Aug 2022

Ferry operator Scandlines on Monday (22 August) said it has chosen Danish green tech startup ReFlow to equip Scandlines’ new zero-emission ferry with “digital twins” that calculates the total environmental impact throughout the ferry’s lifetime. 

The “digital twins” is a digital simulation of the ferry to illustrate how much carbon emissions the vessel will generate through its lifecycle from construction until it ceases operation. 

It is the first time that life cycle calculations are used to that extent on a ferry. Scandlines expects to be able to reduce the ferry’s CO2 footprint even after it has been built using the new digital tool.

In November 2021, Scandlines revealed it had ordered the world’s largest electric hybrid ferry – a zero emission ferry. The ferry was designed by LMG Marin AS in Norway and is being built at the Turkish shipyard Cemre.

Rasmus Elsborg-Jensen, CEO and founder of ReFlow, said: “It will be the first time that life cycle calculations are made on a ferry of this style – it will be world history. Life cycle assessments or LCA can provide a detailed account of the environmental impact of products – even products and solutions that have not yet been purchased or produced and will thereby help to secure the ferries of the future.”

“Life cycle assessments are in Denmark and the EU the recommended method to support the climate statements that a company may have about a product and are therefore also included in the new EU climate policy. 

“It is very positive to see a shipping company like Scandlines showing responsibility in this way, before it potentially becomes a legal requirement.”

Fini A. Hansen, VP Fleet at Scandlines added: “In the future, we will evaluate new solutions before they are purchased, to ensure that their climate profiles meet a certain standard or are perhaps better – that way we over time help to make our ferries greener as new green solutions are invented.”

Scandlines’ zero direct emission freight ferry will be 147.4 metres long, 25.4 metres wide with a design draft of 5.3 metres. The double-ended ferry has a capacity of 66 cargo units, 140 passengers and a service speed of 10 knots.

When the ferry sails on batteries alone, the crossing time is 70 minutes. It is equipped with one of the world’s largest battery packs, 10 MWh, and can be charged in just 17 minutes in the Rødby harbour. The ferry is expected to be completed in 2024.


Photo credit: Scandlines
Published: 23 August, 2022

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