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CSL Virginia/Ulysses collision: Container ship leaves position

25 Oct 2018

Stricken Cyrus-flagged containership CSL Virginia left its position on Wednesday (24 October), heading to Constanta port in Romania, after being hit on the starboard side by Tunisian-registered ro-ro vessel Ulysses on 7 October.

“This departure was made possible by the complete pumping of the fuel still present in the hold and the double hull as well as by obtaining a certificate of seaworthiness issued by an independent body,” said the authority Maritime Prefect of the Mediterranean (MPM).

“These guarantees obtained, the Maritime Prefect of the Mediterranean allowed the Virginia to begin its transit.

“She will be escorted by the intervention, assistance and rescue tug (RIAS) Bee Flanders chartered year round by the French Navy, until it comes out of waters under French jurisdiction.”

According to MPM, the maritime accident saw 530 m3 of marine fuel released into surrounding waters; the 17-day oil spill clean-up and salvage operation required:

  • More than 500 people hired ashore, at sea and in the air
  • + 96,000 cumulative work hours
  • 34 French and Italian ships
  • 11 French and Italian aircraft (helicopters, planes and drones)
  • The commitment of the 3 armed forces and the National Gendarmerie, as well as all the French and international actors acting on behalf of the action of the State at sea (Customs, Maritime Gendarmerie, Maritime Affairs, Cross Mediterranean, CSM …)
  • The intervention of the greatest experts of the State and private organizations

The above report concludes the Manifold Times coverage on the CSL Virginia/Ulysses collision. A series of earlier reports in descending chronological order can be found below:

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Photo credit: Marine Nationale
Published: 25 October, 2018

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