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Trio to test power system with solid oxide fuel cells for deep-sea shipping 

Alma Clean Power, Odfjell and DNV announced the system will be installed on a chemical tanker by 2024, aiming to demonstrate the potential for significantly lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.





Alma Clean Power, Odfjell and DNV on Friday (29 September) said a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) system will be installed on a chemical tanker by the end of 2024, aiming to demonstrate the potential for significantly lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions for deep-sea shipping.

The trip said fuel cells demonstrate a promising potential for scalable use for longer distances and larger energy needs in shipping as the maritime industry faces major challenges adjusting to zero emissions over the next decades. 

“It is therefore vital to start gathering practical onboard experience with fuel cells, without compromising on safety,” they said in a joint statement. 

Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) are fuel flexible, and can convert fuels like ammonia, LNG, methanol and hydrogen to electricity with a potentially higher energy efficiency than internal combustion engines. With a maritime solid oxide fuel cells solution, shipping companies will be able to reduce emissions short term and operate emission-free once alternative fuels become available.

The project partners intend to place an 80KW natural gas fuelled solid oxide fuel cell container on board one of Odfjell’s chemical tankers, to demonstrate SOFC as an efficient energy converter for deep-sea shipping. In January 2023, Alma Clean Power was awarded DNV’s Approval in Principle (AiP) for their design of a 1MW ammonia fuelled SOFC system.

Alma Clean Power and Odfjell have a long-term collaboration in joint development projects and are excited to start the marine demonstrator project together with DNV.

Bernt Skeie, CEO of Alma Clean Power, said: “We are very excited about this collaboration with Odfjell and DNV. Odfjell, for continued support through years of development and recognizing this project as a great opportunity for innovation and testing on board their vessel, and DNV for bringing in the broad expertise of a classification society, applying their rule framework and ensuring a thorough risk-based approach to the design, construction, installation and operation onboard the vessel.”

Harald Fotland, CEO of Odfjell, said: “We’ve been working structured and actively with energy-efficiency technologies and decarbonization for more than a decade, and this project represents another progressive step in energy efficiency-, fuel flexibility and zero emissions capability innovations. We look forward to continuing the collaboration with DNV and Alma Clean Power, and to document the impact this technology can deliver in our common quest to decarbonize deep-sea shipping.”

Tuva Flagstad-Andersen, DNV Regional Manager Maritime – North Europe, said: "This is an exciting project for DNV to be part of with two very forward-leaning partners. Identifying a suitable risk level and applying DNV’s existing rule framework will be key to managing the risks of the installation. At the same time, the project provides an ample opportunity to learn from the practical application to further improve our rules and guidelines and use this input to facilitate constructive dialogues with the applicable Flag Authorities.” 

Photo credit: Alma Clean Power
Published: 2 October, 2023

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Alternative Fuels

Championing environmental stewardship: DNV partners Anglo American for vessel electrification feasibility study

Study revealed the potential transformation of Anglo American supported- Waterways Watch Society’s petrol-powered boats into battery electric vessels, aligning with their mission to safeguard waterways in Singapore.





DNV Singapore office web

Classification society DNV recently sat down with global mining company and shipowner Anglo American to discuss their joint high-level vessel electrification feasibility study in the first episode of DNV’s Decarbonization Insights series.

In this session, DNV executed a feasibility study of battery electric boat operations for Waterways Watch Society (WWS), a non-profit organization supported by Anglo American.

The study revealed the potential transformation of WWS’ petrol-powered boats into cutting-edge battery electric vessels, aligning with their mission to safeguard waterways in Singapore.

Currently, there are six workboats powered by petrol at Waterways Watch Society, used/deployed for educational purposes, including collecting litter around Singapore’s waters.

The scope of work included technical assessment and commercial study on the electrification solutions.

Anesan Naidoo, Head of Sustainability at Anglo American, discussed how the innovative collaboration emphasizes their dedication to corporate responsibility, while DNV experts shared their perspectives on how vessel electrification is reshaping the landscape of maritime decarbonization in Singapore and the wider region.

Watch a trailer of the first episode of DNV’s Decarbonization Insights featuring Anglo American on DNV’s official YouTube Channel here.


Photo credit: DNV
Published: 15 April 2024

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Alternative Fuels

Alliance commences building of electric tug and supply boat for Singapore waters

Zero-emissions vessels will be among the first and largest local electric harbour craft designed for operation in Singapore’s coastal waters, according to Coastal Sustainability Alliance.





Alliance commences building of electric tug and supply boat for Singapore waters

The Coastal Sustainability Alliance (CSA), an industry collaborative effort led by Kuok Maritime Group (KMG), on Friday (12 April) announced the commencement of building the first fully electric PXO tug (e-tug) and supply boat (e-supply boat) by PaxOcean Group. 

These zero-emissions vessels will be among the first and largest local electric harbour craft designed for operation in Singapore’s coastal waters. 

They are targeted for deployment in 2025, ahead of the nation’s goal for all new coastal vessels to be fully electric or operate on low-carbon energy solutions by 2030.

The Coastal Sustainability Alliance PXO Electric Fleet Signing and Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Ceremony, held at Shangri-La Singapore on 11 April, was graced by Guest-of-Honour Mr Chee Hong Tat, Minister for Transport and Second Minister for Finance, along with maritime industry leaders and CSA representatives. 

The CSA also welcomed nine new members, expanding the alliance to 27 members from the initial seven companies when it was formed in March 2022.

The new CSA members are from diverse sectors, including finance, green energy, corporate and environmental consultancies, and maritime services, and exemplify the growing support network for advancing Singapore’s maritime decarbonisation efforts. 

These new members are CIMC Energy Storage, DBS, Grant Thornton, Hanhwa Aerospace, KST Maritime,  Marina Offshore, Paia Consulting, Siemens Energy, and Transport Capital. Together with the current members, they will be instrumental in propelling CSA’s next growth phase, focusing on green financing, ESG initiatives, vessel adoption, electrification, and technology enhancement for the coastal logistics ecosystem.

PXO E Tug Order Ceremony TCT7191 1024x683 (1)

Mr Tan Thai Yong, Managing Director, Strategic Projects and Technology, Kuok Maritime Group and Chairperson, CSA Council, said: “The expansion of the Coastal Sustainability Alliance and the commencement of construction for the PXO e-tug and e-supply boat signify a pivotal growth phase to create new revenue streams and scale the CSA ecosystem globally together with our alliance members.”

“The joint contributions by CSA members and the continued support of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) empower us to fast-track our investment commitment of SGD 20 million to 2025, accelerating this industry-led initiative to decarbonise our coastal ecosystem and advance the green track record for our maritime sector in a commercially sustainable manner.”

The CSA enters its third year with a continued commitment to build a next-generation coastal logistics ecosystem. Progress made in its five strategic areas include:

  • Commercialisation of Singapore design-build-deploy PXO e-tug and e-supply boat – Pacific Workboats Pte Ltd (PWPL) has committed to purchasing the e-tug, leveraging its capabilities to provide sustainable towage services for its customer base. Additionally, KMG is investing in the construction and trials of the e-supply boat.  While efforts to charter out the e-supply boat are ongoing, commercial interest in the PXO series continues to grow, with several CSA members exploring opportunities to charter these next-generation vessels. The PXO e-tug and e-supply boat are slated for deployment in 2025, marking a significant milestone in commercialising the PXO series. As the PXO series will be deployed from Jurong Port, KMG is collaborating with Jurong Port to provide the electric charging infrastructure to support the operations of electric vessels. In February 2024, the CSA was among the shortlisted entities announced by MPA’s Expression of Interest (EOI) to transform Singapore’s maritime sector by designing and developing electric harbour craft. Among the 11 proposals received, the CSA’s e-supply boat proposal was among the six that have secured the relevant technical approvals from Classification Societies and were chosen for further design enhancements and optimisation with institutes of higher learnings (IHLs) and research institutes. This is significant progress and endorsement of the high technology readiness and maturity of the CSA’s PXO electric vessels.
  • Promoting sustainable resource management through e-waste reduction, upcycling and biofuels – Since 2023, CSA has partnered with Green COP to develop and commercialise second-generation biofuels as a transition fuel to reduce emissions from conventional harbour craft. Green COP has secured S$500,000 in angel investment to build a prototype plant to produce Biobutanol. The biofuel is made from biomass feedstock and generates fewer emissions than petroleum fuels.
  • Reduce marine traffic by 20% through logistics and fleet optimisation solutions – A key part of CSA’s efforts is to seamlessly integrate logistics, fleet operations, battery performance and just-in-time operations for vessels, terminals, and service providers. Utilising advanced technologies in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, the CSA is conducting optimisation simulations with MagicPort on the coastal logistics platform, which is expected to go live by end-2024. This platform will support the PXO e-supply boat in meeting the growing demand from the shipping community for marine logistics optimisation and traffic flow. The e-tug will also explore demand-supply match optimisation to reduce fuel wastage and dead mileage.
  • Support the growth of SMEs and start-ups through a sustainable green supply chain and maritime business ecosystem – Currently, over 50% of components of the PXO vessels are sourced locally. Sea Forrest Power Solutions is in conversation to supply critical components such as motors, battery management systems, and batteries for the e-supply boat.

Alliance commences building of electric tug and supply boat for Singapore waters

The CSA aims to partner with the Singapore Association of Shipsuppliers and Services (SASS) to upgrade sustainability competencies within the maritime workforce and facilitate a just transition for all SASS members towards a low-carbon economy.

In March 2022, the industry-led CSA initiative was announced under the leadership of KMG, which includes key business units: PaxOcean Holdings Pte Ltd, Pacific Carriers Limited (PCL), and POSH (PACC Offshore Services Holdings) and provides a comprehensive platform for the CSA to achieve its goals to build the next-generation of Singapore’s maritime ecosystem and accelerate the decarbonisation, electrification and advancement in energy-efficient logistics and engineering solutions. 

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Photo credit: PaxOcean Group
Published: 15 April 2024

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MPA: Financiers and insurers ready to support electrification of the domestic harbour craft sector

Nineteen financing and insurance proposals received to support Singapore’s domestic transition to electric harbour craft.





MPA electric vessel adoption

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) on Thursday (11 April) said it has received 12 financing and seven insurance proposals in response to the Expression of Interest (EOI) launched to support early adopters of electric harbour craft (e-HC).

The proposals were submitted by local and international financial institutions (FIs), financial intermediaries, marine insurers, and insurance brokers.

Expanding the financing options for harbour craft owners

MPA has shortlisted EOI proposals from DBS Bank Ltd, United Overseas Bank Limited, BNP Paribas Singapore Branch, KfW IPEX-Bank Asia Ltd, and Société Générale, to offer direct debt financing options for harbour craft owners. MPA will work with these banks to further develop their solutions.

The response to the EOI has also affirmed the strong interest from FIs and financial intermediaries in offering alternative financing solutions beyond debt financing to support the sector’s transition to e-HC. Eight consortia submitted alternative financing proposals. In the next phase of the EOI process, MPA will issue a closed call for proposals to further select the alternative financing proposal(s) for implementation. MPA will provide more details on the next steps in 2nd quarter 2024.

MPA and Enterprise Singapore (EnterpriseSG) will also be working with interested FIs to explore onboarding them to the Enterprise Financing Scheme – Green (EFS-Green), with EnterpriseSG undertaking risk-sharing of 70% to support lending by participating FIs. This initiative will potentially open up more financing options for harbour craft owners planning on adopting green technologies and solutions for their fleet.

The seven insurance related submissions indicated that the proposed insurance premiums for e-HC are comparable to that of conventional harbour craft. These proposals were submitted by Income Insurance Limited, QBE Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd, The Shipowners’ Mutual Protection and Indemnity Association (Luxembourg) Singapore Branch, NorthStandard Limited, Tigermar Global Pte Ltd, Cambiaso Risso Asia Pte Ltd, and Lockton Companies (Singapore) Pte Ltd. EOI participants raised the areas of information sharing and access to relevant technical and operational information, loss prevention programmes and quality assurance, as supportive mechanisms needed to help right-price insurance premiums for e-HC. MPA will consult the industry on these supportive mechanisms, which could include setting up of a data repository platform, development of training programmes to promote safety awareness and best practices for e-HC operations, as well as establishing quality assurance framework(s) and mechanisms to ensure repair and maintenance services standards for e-HC.

Other initiatives to support the harbour craft sector

In January 2024, MPA announced three vessel charging concepts to be piloted in Singapore following the call for proposal to develop, operate, and maintain e-HC charging points in Singapore. The proposal by Pyxis and SP Mobility based on Direct Current (DC) charging has been deployed at Marina South Pier in April 2024. In addition, MPA has also assessed potential in the innovative mobile charging concept proposed by Seatrium O&G (International) Pte Ltd, and a high power (350-450kW) DC Charger proposed by Yinson Electric Pte Ltd. MPA will continue working with the two companies to further develop their proposals for future applications in Singapore through R&D collaboration.

MPA is working with EnterpriseSG, industry stakeholders and academia, to develop a Technical Reference (TR) for e-HC charging and battery swap systems, to support the development of the e-HC charging infrastructure and ecosystem in the Port of Singapore. The draft TR will provide requirements and guidelines for onshore electrical installations to provide electrical power supply for both charging batteries installed in electric harbour craft and battery swap operations to ensure safety, operational efficiency, and interoperability.

The draft TR will align with relevant International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards, as well as local standard TR 25 “Electric Vehicles Charging System”. It will also adopt or adapt charging practices like the Combined Charging System (CCS), and the upcoming Megawatt Charging System (MCS), which is being commercially developed. The draft TR will soon be available for public consultation. Please register your interest to view the TR via

MPA has recently shortlisted a total of 11 passenger launch and cargo lighter vessel designs following an EOI launched on e-HC design proposals. MPA is working with researchers to enhance the various vessel designs and reduce their energy requirements. When ready, the reference designs can be progressively marketed, and production orders aggregated from the industry. This is expected to reap overall cost savings for companies making a transition to e-HC.

From 2030, all new harbour craft operating in the Port of Singapore will have to be fully electric, be capable of using B100 biofuel, or be compatible with net zero fuels such as hydrogen. For biofuels, blends of up to B50 are already commercially available. MPA is working with industry to develop the standards for up to B100.


Photo credit: Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore
Published: 11 April 2024

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