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Titan LNG introduces ‘Krios’ to boost LNG marine fuel availability at Zeebrugge and English Channel regions

04 May 2021

Independent physical LNG marine fuel supplier Titan LNG on Monday (3 May) announced the development tender of a new LNG bunkering barge Titan Krios to increase the accessibility of LNG as a marine fuel in the Port of Zeebrugge and in the English Channel ports.

The new vessel, which will fulfil part of the base demand in Zeebrugge that Titan LNG is already supplying, will operate with multiple tanks to segregate streams of LNG and bio-LNG – the sustainable carbon neutral fuel produced from biological waste streams.

As it can be stored and supplied using existing infrastructure, blended with LNG, and dropped into existing engine technology, bio-LNG presents a financially sound long-term investment for many operators and owners looking to decarbonise operations, and comply with emission reductions regulations.

In line with Titan LNG’s design philosophy, Krios is a compact seagoing LNG bunker vessel having 4,200 cbm in capacity, thereby offering effortless client compatibility by virtue of its low air draught, high manoeuvrability, and small footprint.

The first delivery is expected to be fulfilled in 2023 and will be equipped with all facilities to enable fast, flexible and reliable LNG supply. The vessel will be equipped with state of the art cargo conditioning equipment and will have 2 bow thrusters for easy manoeuvring. The design of the vessel was done by HB Hunte engineering.

The development tender comes just one month after the christening and subsequent launch of FlexFueler002, a co-built LNG bunkering barge from Titan LNG and gas infrastructure group, Fluxys.

“As demand for LNG, and increasingly bio-LNG, accelerates, ensuring the right infrastructure and supply is in place for our customers is essential. LNG is the only fuel choice available today which offers immediate and long-term benefits to reducing GHG emissions, and a clear pathway to achieving decarbonisation targets,” said Michael Schaap, Commercial Director Marine at Titan LNG.

“With the new Titan Krios joining our expanding fleet, we will continue our efforts to enable a more sustainable future for shipping through global accessibility to LNG, bio-LNG and eventually clean LNG produced from green hydrogen.”

Much like the Hyperion, Krios takes its name from Greek Mythology, continuing the theme for Titan LNG’s fleet.

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Photo credit: Titan LNG
Published: 4 May, 2021

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