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SOCAR Marine sets eyes on Turkish domestic bunkering market

18 Mar 2020

SOCAR Marine, a subsidiary of Azerbaijani state-owned oil company SOCAR on Tuesday (17 March) said it has become the leading bonded bunker supplier at Turkish ports in 2019, with total sales registering at 600,000 metric tonnes.

The company announced in a press release it is now ready to enter the Turkish domestic bunkering market.

“Although we are new participants in the sector, our understanding of high-quality products and services, and our continued focus on our customers and their needs has allowed us to gain a leading position in the shortest possible time,” says Zak Tarakchi, SOCAR MARINE Maritime Sales Director.

“Today, Turkey’s refueling activities in all international ports, including the Black Sea, the Marmara Sea, the Aegean and Mediterranean regions, from Gibraltar to Singapore, Rotterdam to South Africa, are increasing international brand – SOCAR MARINE’s strength every day.”

“This strong position that we have obtained will allow us to start operating in the maritime sector of the (Turkish) domestic market by 2020.”

“In this context, we believe that our services and competitive approach can meet the needs of maritime companies, tourism ships and fishermen involved in domestic freight and passenger transportation.”

Photo credit: SOCAR Marine
Published: 18 March, 2020

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