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Singapore: Final meetings scheduled for 11 subsidiaries of Grindrod Shipping

16 Nov 2022

The final meetings of members of Singapore-based Grindrod Shipping Pte. Ltd subsidiaries have been scheduled to take place on 14 December 2022, according to the companies’ liquidators on notices posted on Tuesday (15 November) on the Government Gazette.

The companies involved are:

  • IVS Bulk 430 Pte. Ltd. (Registration No.: 201110834D)
  • IVS Bulk 462 Pte. Ltd. (Registration No.: 201015020H)
  • IVS Bulk Carriers Pte. Ltd. (Registration No.: 200902094C)
  • IVS Bulk Owning Pte. Ltd. (Registration No.: 200901631D)
  • Unicorn Caspian Pte. Ltd. (Registration No.: 201110907M)
  • Unicorn Ionia Pte. Ltd. (Registration No.: 201015034E)
  • Unicorn Malacca Pte. Ltd. (Registration No.: 201114304W)
  • Unicorn Marmara Pte. Ltd. (Registration No.: 201110917E)
  • Unicorn Ross Pte. Ltd. (Registration No.: 201015176M)
  • Unicorn Scotia Pte. Ltd. (Registration No.: 201110918R)
  • Unicorn Tanker Operations (434) Pte. Ltd. (Registration No.: 201014972H)

The final meetings are scheduled to take place by way of video conference via Microsoft Teams on 14 December 2022 at 10am for the purpose of: –

  • having an account laid before the members showing how the winding-up has been conducted and the property of the Company disposed of; and
  • hearing any explanations that may be given by the Liquidators.

The details of the liquidators of the companies are:

Shirley Lim Guat Hua
Juay Sze Sin
c/o Complete Corporate Services Pte Ltd
10 Anson Road
#29-07 International Plaza
Singapore 079903

According to its website, Grindrod Shipping is an international shipping company that owns, charters-in and operates a fleet of drybulk carriers and owns one medium range tanker.

The firm trades globally under two key brands – Island View Shipping (IVS) and Unicorn Shipping.

IVS is focused on shipping dry bulk cargo such as minerals, coal, ores and agricultural products whilst Unicorn Shipping is focused on moving liquid chemicals and clean petroleum products.

Note: A corporation which is a member of the Company may, by resolution of its directors, authorise any person to act as its representative at any general meetings of the company; and such representative shall be entitled to exercise the same powers on behalf of the Corporation which he represents as if he had been an individual member of the Company.

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Photo credit: steve pb from Pixabay
Published: 16 November, 2022

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