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Petrogem Shipping, Petroil Shipping and nine related firms to undergo voluntary liquidation

04 Jul 2022

Two notices were published in the Government Gazette on Friday (1 July) regarding the winding up of Acrux Maritime Pte. Ltd. and 10 other related companies. 

The companies involved were:

  1. Acrux Maritime Pte. Ltd. (Registration No.: 200916038M)
  2. Adara Maritime Pte. Ltd. (Registration No.: 200916038M)
  3. Alkaid Maritime Pte. Ltd. (Registration No.: 200916046D)
  4. Altair Maritime Pte. Ltd. (Registration No.: 200916052M)
  5. Parang Shipping Pte. Ltd. (Registration No.: 201109687Z)
  6. Petrogem Shipping Pte. Ltd. (Registration No.: 200903348C)
  7. Petroil Shipping Pte. Ltd. (Registration No.: 200609262N)
  8. Schedar Shipping Pte. Ltd. (Registration No.: 201909088M)
  9. Seginus Shipping Pte. Ltd. (Registration No.: 201909098E)
  10. Shaula Shipping Pte. Ltd. (Registration No.: 201207768K)
  11. Suhail Shipping Pte. Ltd. (Registration No.: 201207764G)

According to the first notice, an Extraordinary General Meeting of the company was held on Friday, 24 June, where the following Resolutions were passed: 

Special Resolutions

  1. That the Company be wound up as a Members’ Voluntary Liquidation pursuant to Section 160(1)(b) of the Insolvency, Restructuring and Dissolution Act 2018.
  2. That the Liquidators may divide among the contributories in specie or kind the whole or any part of the assets of the Company.
  3. That the Liquidators be authorised to exercise any or all of the powers provided under Section 144(1)(b), (c), (d), (e), (f) and (g) of the Insolvency, Restructuring and Dissolution Act 2018.

Ordinary Resolution

  1. That Goh Yeow Kiang Victor and Khor Boon Hong care of Baker Tilly TFW LLP, 600 North Bridge Road, #05-01 Parkview Square, Singapore 188778, be appointed joint and several Liquidators for the purpose of such liquidation.

In the second notice, the Liquidators called for creditors of the companies to send in their names and addresses with particulars of their debts and claims and the names and addresses of their solicitors (if any) by Monday, 1 August.

Additionally, if so required by notice in writing from the said Liquidators, creditors are to personally come in or via their Solicitors, to prove their debts and claims at such time and place as shall be specified or in default be excluded from the benefit of any distribution made before such debts and claims are proved.


Photo credit: Drew Beamer
Published: 4 July, 2022

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