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Official release ranking of top ten Global Ship Refueling Ports and Companies in 2020

12 Nov 2021

An official announced the 2020 rankings of the world’s top ten bunkering ports and the world’s top ten bunkering companies at a recent bunkering conference at Zhoushan, according to a report from the Zhoushan Bonded Ship Fuel Association. 

The announcement was made by Sun Hougang, Executive Director of the Marine Fuel Industry Committee of the China Petroleum Circulation Association.

Representatives of Chinese ports, Hong Kong, China and Zhoushan Port, China, are among the top ten bunkering ports in the world.

China National Marine Fuel Co., Ltd. and Sinopec Fuel Oil Sales Co., Ltd., as leaders in the Chinese fuel industry, are listed as the top ten bunkering companies in the world. 

Among the Chinese ports, the growth of China’s Zhoushan Port as a Northeast Asia bonded ship fueling center saw significant progress.

The refueling volume in 2020 has reached 4.7 million tons, quickly ranking sixth in the world, up two places from 2019, it states.

According to the data released by Zhoushan City, Zhoushan Port will reach 10 million tons in 2025. 

The “Double Ten” ranking is as follows:

Ranking of the Top Ten Global Ship Refueling Ports in 2020


2. Rotterdam, the Netherlands

3. Fujairah, UAE

4. Hong Kong, China

5. Panama

6. Zhoushan, China

7. Busan, South Korea

8. Gibraltar

9.  Antwerp, Belgium

10. Houston, USA

Ranking of Top 10 Global Bunkering Companies in 2020

1. Bunker Holding

2. World Fuel Services 

3. China Marine Fuel Co., Ltd. (Chimbusco)

4. Peninsula Petroleum

5. Shell Marine Fuels   

6. Minerva

7. Sinopec Fuel Oil Sales Co., Ltd.

8. Cockett Marine Oil 

9. Fratelli Cosulich 

10. Monjasa

The selection was initiated and organised by the Marine Fuel Industry Committee of the China Petroleum Circulation Association, and verified by checks with two professional third-party organizations, ARGUS and Longzhong Information.


Photo credit and source: Zhoushan Bonded Ship Fuel Association
Published: 12 November, 2021

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