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Monjasa acquires oil tanker “Monjasa Shaker” for Middle East cargo and bunkering ops

09 Sep 2022

Oil and shipping group Monjasa on Thursday (8 September) said it acquired oil and chemical tanker Monjasa Shaker (9,600-dwt) for cargo and bunkering operations in the Arabian Gulf.

Monjasa said it continues to record an increasing demand for its marine fuel solutions and deployment of quality tonnage is increasingly relevant to ensure efficiency and fuel grade flexibility for customers.

“As an example, the Monjasa Shaker also allows on board product blending and is thus capable of supporting Monjasa’s biodiesel supplies across the UAE, which were commenced earlier this year,” the firm said. 

Formerly known as the Trinity Erk, the Monjasa Shaker strengthens Monjasa’s marine fuel operations across the Middle East, which currently consist of four tankers ranging between 4,000 and 10,000-dwt.  

Equipped with deepwell pumps and five tank segregations allowing multiple fuel grades onboard, Monjasa Shaker increases operational flexibility. Capacity-wise she matches demand for transporting oil cargoes from the Fujairah bunkering hub to Monjasa’s main markets across Dubai, Abu-Dhabi and Sharjah ports, as well as performing ship-to-ship refuelling operations.

In 2021, Monjasa supplied 850,000 metric tonnes (mt) of marine fuels across the Middle East– equivalent to 15% of Monjasa’s 5.7 million mt global volume.

“The Monjasa Shaker fits well into our existing fleet of tankers and matches market demand in terms of cargo capacity and high technical specifications,” said Torben Maigaard Nielsen, group shipping director.

“In fact, two years ago we acquired the sister vessel, Monjasa Server, which has been an excellent contribution to our Middle East fleet operations. Moreover, operating two sister vessels allows us to better apply learnings across performance and energy efficiency on board, which is becoming increasingly important for all shipowners.”

Overall, Monjasa controls 25 tankers and barges globally of which 11 are owned. The firm said it remains a priority to have the fleet composed of the right mix of owned and chartered tankers to ensure both operational and financial flexibility across the Monjasa Group.

Facts about Monjasa Shaker

Type: Oil and chemical tanker
Year built: 2009
Dwt: 9,600
LOA: 117.60m
Beam: 19m


Photo credit: Monjasa
Published: 8 September 2022

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