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Malta: Grounded bunker tanker now leaking oil

19 Feb 2018

The bunker tanker Hephaestus which was beached during a storm at Qawra coast in northern Malta on 10 February has recently been leaking oil, reports the Times of Malta.

Contractors have arranged to pump out the remaining oil from the vessel on Sunday, though current adverse weather conditions have prevented personnel from salvaging the ship.

An official from Transport Malta and Environment Resources has confirmed the spill, saying it is a “minor spill” of diesel from the vessel’s fuel tanks.

The Hephaestus was not carrying any heavy fuel oil cargo during the accident.

“The vessel does not contain any heavy oil and thus there is no real risk of pollution,” he said.

“Water has reached a breach in the hull and an amount of old diesel seeped out from within.

“Even though the sheen may look dramatic, there is no cause for alarm as the sheen remains on the surface of the water and will evaporate slowly."

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Photo credit: Times of Malta
Published: 19 February 2018

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