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IMO 2020: Eurofins launches ‘Preventive Testing’ package for shipowners

29 Jul 2019

International laboratory testing services firm Eurofins has launched a new ‘Preventive Testing’ package to assist shipowners in the switchover and consumption of IMO 2020 compliant 0.5% sulphur limit marine fuels.

“We have developed this new package due to requests from shipowner clients who are concerned with the consumption of new unfamiliar fuels,” Bryan Quek, Business Unit Manager, Bunker, at Eurofins told Manifold Times.

“The ‘Preventive Testing’ package focuses on detecting potential instability and incompatibility issues of 0.5% sulphur limit bunker fuels that will be used by the shipping industry come 2020.”

According to Quek, items tested under the new Preventive Testing package are Stability, P-Value, Total Sediment, Xylene/Toluene Equivalent, Asphaltenes, Stability Reserve, Reverse Stability Number and GCMS.

“We identified these items as essential for any shipowners planning a smooth changeover to 0.5% sulphur limit marine fuels,” he notes.

“Our tests let stakeholders quickly make an informed decision whether or not to use the marine fuel supplied after bunkering.”

The new service builds upon the current ‘Routine Testing’ package offered by Eurofins.

The Routine Testing package checks for Density, Sulphur, Flash Point, Acid Number, Metals, Water, Viscosity, and Pour Point.

“Industry players are expecting exposure to fuel contamination to only increase post IMO 2020, when the increased usage and blending of new fuels take place,” explains Quek.

“We believe the same, and expect contaminated marine fuels to be one of the biggest challenges facing the bunkering industry moving forward.”

Stakeholders interested to find out more about Eurofin’s new ‘Preventive Testing’ package are advised to contact the company at: sales_singapore@euronfins.com

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Photo credit: Manifold Times
Published: 30 July, 2019


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