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Hafnia, Clean Hydrogen Works collaborate in clean hydrogen ammonia production and export project

03 Nov 2022

Oslo-listed product tanker owner and operator Hafnia on Tuesday (1 November) announced its collaboration with Clean Hydrogen Works (CHW) to explore the development of a new, global-scale, clean hydrogen ammonia production and export project, Ascension Clean Energy (ACE), – located on the West Bank of the Mississippi River in Ascension Parish, Louisiana.

The project aims to capture up to 98% of Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from its processes, and will provide a cost-effective, scalable pathway to supply carbon-free energy. Within the scope of the project, additional technologies are being explored which could result in zero-carbon or even carbon negative hydrogen-ammonia production at the facility.

This marks a strategic step in shaping the future of the Hafnia transport portfolio, utilising purpose-build vessels against long standing contracts in the zero-carbon space, the company said in a statement.

The expected project investment of USD 7.5 billion, with 350 permanent, full-time jobs projected, is planned to significantly impact the state of Louisiana and local economies.

As the world’s leading product tanker company, Hafnia is well-positioned to help develop safe, sustainable, and efficient solutions to ship ACE’s clean hydrogen ammonia to emerging clean energy markets across the globe.

Other project shareholders include the world’s largest CO2 pipeline operator Denbury Carbon Solutions, a subsidiary of Denbury, Inc, who will move the CO2 output via pipelines for underground storage purposes (sequestration).

Anticipated production is currently targeted by late 2027 with shipment of the clean energy commencing in 2028.

Hafnia CEO Mikael Skov, said: “As the world’s leading product tanker company transporting energy worldwide, Hafnia is well-positioned to transport this clean fuel safely and efficiently to markets across the globe. We look forward to our continued collaboration with Clean Hydrogen Works (CHW) and its partners in bringing this transformational project to Louisiana – in a strategically significant initiative aligned with furthering our overall sustainability objectives.”

Mitch Silver, Chief Operating Officer of Clean Hydrogen Works, said: “We are proud to work with project shareholder Hafnia, the world’s leading product tanker company, to bring the Ascension Clean Energy (ACE) project to Louisiana. An industry leader and proven innovator, Hafnia’s established track record of transporting hydrocarbons safely and sustainably around the world, as well as its stated priority to reduce carbon emissions, are fully aligned with ACE’s goals to meet the world’s growing demand for clean and affordable energy.”


Photo credit: Hafnia
Published: 3 November, 2022

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