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ESL “m/s Viiki” transports iron ore with 100% renewable liquefied biogas as bunker fuel

12 Jun 2020

Finnish shipping company ESL Shipping Ltd., part of Aspo Plc., Thursday (25 October)  said its vessel m/s Viikki was fuelled in Raahe, Finland with 100% renewable liquefied biogas (LBG) to transport iron ore for the Swedish steel company SSAB. 

This marks the first time when 100% renewable LBG is used for maritime transport in Finland, it said.

LBG reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 85% compared to fossil fuels. The biogas was supplied by Nordic gas sector and energy market expert Gasum.  

“This marks another milestone in our long continuum of sustainability-related investments and actions of recent years,” said Mikki Koskinen, Managing Director of ESL Shipping.

We have been doing long-term environmental work together with SSAB for years and now we are taking a new, significant step towards fossil-free maritime transport.” 

The wider use of biogas has been delayed by the relatively limited availability of biogas at ports. There is also the cost factor to consider but nowadays more and more companies are seeing the value of reducing emissions throughout their supply chains. 

One of the forerunners is SSAB who aims to bring fossil-free steel to the market as the world’s first steel company as early as 2026. The entire company’s operations are scheduled to be fossil-free by 2045.

ESL Shipping has made significant investments to improve the energy efficiency and eco-friendliness of its fleet. The LNG-fueled newbuilding m/s Viikki and its sister vessel Haaga, both delivered in 2018, are the eco-friendliest dry bulk cargo vessels in the world. 

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Photo credit: ESL Shipping Ltd.
Published: 12 June, 2020

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