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Énestas joins SEA-LNG to share insights on Mexican and U.S. LNG bunkering

16 Mar 2023

SEA-LNG, the multi-sector industry coalition established to demonstrate the commercial and environmental benefits of LNG as a marine fuel, on Wednesday (15 March) welcomed Énestas, the Mexican natural gas company, which provides access to LNG for power generation, industry and transport. 

SEA-LNG recognises the importance of continuing to drive global infrastructure build-out to improve availability of LNG bunkering to the rapidly growing global LNG-fuelled fleet. The recent addition of Énestas to its membership supports this drive. In January 2023, according to Clarksons’ data, LNG was available at 185 ports worldwide with a further fifty facilities planned by 2025.

This infrastructure supports local emissions and greenhouse gas reductions today and underpins the low risk, incremental LNG pathway to zero-emissions via bio-LNG and in the longer-term renewable synthetic e-LNG.

According to SEA-LNG, Énestas is focused on providing competitive access to raw materials and fuels necessary for the development of regional industries and communities in Mexico. 

“In doing so, the company has successfully built and implemented innovative logistics projects that are one of a kind in Latin America. For example, Fast Track in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz. For its role in developing this project, Énestas was formally recognised as an ‘Exceptional Company’ by the Mexican government in contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals,” the coalition said.

Énestas has the largest LNG distribution network in Mexico and is expanding gas infrastructure and logistics solutions in the region including LNG bunkering, where it sees strong opportunities.

Steve Esau, Chief Operating Officer, SEA-LNG, commented: “We are pleased to be able to support Énestas in its goal of safely and efficiently expanding LNG supply and bunkering infrastructure in Mexico and the USA, creating jobs and economic benefits in a key maritime region.”

Miguel González de Cossío Vigil, Commercial Director, Énestas Mexico, said: “The firm is proud to join SEA-LNG as a partner that will help ship owners and operators to move forward towards a cleaner future for shipping, with LNG. SEA-LNG’s high-quality research and networking opportunities will be invaluable to the Énestas team as we continue to enhance gas and fuel accessibility.” 

Peter Keller, Chairman, SEA-LNG, concluded: “SEA-LNG continues to unite organisations from across the LNG value chain to further improve LNG availability worldwide, and to help the global shipping industry to address local emissions and progress down the LNG pathway to climate neutrality.” 


Photo credit: Énestas
Published: 16 March, 2023

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