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EGCSA launches free global scrubber operational database for shipowners

01 Jul 2019

The Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems Association (EGCSA) on Friday (28 June) launched a global database to assist ship-owners who have invested in scrubbers.

“To assist in removing uncertainty and inaccurate information, the free to access global EGCSA operational database takes the form of a world map with a zoom-in facility that makes it possible to identify individual wharfs and quays and see if there are any restrictions on the operation of EGCS in place,” it says.

“The database provides links and verified information on legislation or rules that have been imposed. Verification material is included on the database.

“The Clean Shipping Alliance 2020 (a ship-owners organisation) has approached numerous ports to identify any local rules. The International Chamber of Shipping has also sought feedback from its ship-owner community.

“The work of these organisations and any other interested groups will also be incorporated into the EGCSA database once verified, thus ensuring the most comprehensive and up-to-date verified information is made available to ship operators around the world.”

According to EGCSA, the International Maritime Organization (IMO)’s role in the 2020 regulation has been to introduce more environmentally sound shipping whilst enabling world trade to proceed unencumbered.

“In most cases, the new regulations are observed by all administrations at IMO. Unfortunately, a handful of nations and ports have decided to operate independently of the IMO and have introduced local requirements for the operation of EGCS,” it states.

“This unilateral action, albeit limited, has created a degree of uncertainty at a time when there is a significant body of opinion that regard air quality and GHG emissions as critical to the future of mankind.

“Whilst the EGCSA and other bodies such as the Clean Shipping Alliance (CSA) 2020 cannot prevent unilateral actions by ports and regions, there is an ongoing effort to ensure that governmental bodies, port authorities and decision makers are adequately informed of current research findings and data – data which has not identified any short- or long-term impact on the environment.”

The free global scrubber operational database can be accessed here.

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Photo credit: EGCSA
Published: 1 July, 2019


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