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China will remove the bunker fuel from stricken Sanchi

02 Feb 2018

China is now researching for a method to remove the residual fuel found in the fuel tank of the stricken oil tanker Sanchi after preliminary investigations using underwater remotely controlled vehicles, says the Ministry of Transport.

About 1,900 metric tonnes (mt) of bunker fuel are remaining in the vessel’s fuel tanks, an increase from the approximate 1,000 mt estimated in earlier reports.

To date, a total of 225.8 square nautical miles has been cleaned; there are five Chinese ships, one South Korean ship and one Japanese ship participating in the sea clean-up operation.

An investigation team composed of four parties from China, Iran, Panama and the maritime authorities of Hong Kong SAR of China is currently conducted a safety investigation into the Changfeng Crystal in Zhoushan. 

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Published: 2 Feb, 2018

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