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‘BunkerPlanner’ is now available in Asia, says BunkerMetric Co-founder

22 Oct 2019

BunkerPlanner, a bunker procurement optimisation tool developed by Scandinavian maritime technology firm BunkerMetric, will now be available in the Asia Pacific region, says its Co-founder.

The tool helps marine fuel buyers choose the right port, volume and grade of marine fuel for bunkering in the cheapest way possible while considering Emission Control Areas (ECAs), scrubbers, tank configurations and other vessel operational issues.

“We have a value-generating product that can help many Asian bunker buyers, especially for small and medium sized tramp operators, save 1% to 3% in total bunker cost,” Christian Plum told Manifold Times.

“Compared to others, we provide unbiased advice as we are not affiliated with any local or global commodity traders.

“We have the most advanced algorithms that consider all commercial, operational, and regulatory aspects of bunker buying.”

IMO 2020 has influenced the marine fuels buying sector where players are now seeing a more diverse and increasingly volatile bunker market, according to Plum.

“That means that bunker desks cannot buy bunkers using the rules of thumb or continue doing what we did yesterday,” he explains.

“We need to be advanced all the time to adapt to how the market and regulatory changes. This is why we believe bunker buyers will need to be supported by data algorithms to make the decisions.

“There will be so much turmoil and we need a simple interface to help calculate and select from amongst a complex array of procurement options.”

BunkerPlanner will be marketed in Asia by Ben Line Agencies. Contact details for a product test of BunkerPlanner are as follows:

Name: Edward Barry
Direct: +65 6420 9186
Mobile: +65 9739 3789
Email: [email protected]

Photo credit: Bunker Metric
Published: 22 October, 2019


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