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British Ports Association voices concerns of open-loop scrubbers

07 Jun 2019

The British Ports Association (BPA) at its Annual UK Parliamentary Reception on Tuesday (4 June) in the House of Commons Terrace Pavilion responded to recent global developments regarding the use of open-loop scrubbers.

Martin Lawlor, BPA Chairman and Chief Executive of the Port of Blyth, warned that the ports industry is becoming increasingly concerned about the potential for contamination building up in berths and navigation channels.

He called for robust evidence to be brought forward to allay these fears.

“Ports take their environmental responsibilities seriously and with IMO targets ships will have some tough decisions,” commented Lawlor.

“However we must have a grown up conversation about the implications of the use of open loop scrubbers in ports.

“There is a concern that such systems could lead to the build up of contaminated sediments which over time could cause a real issue for ports wishing to maintain and develop their operations.”

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Published: 7 June, 2019

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