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U.S. EPA revises ‘key regulatory text’ to aid IMO 2020 implementation

16 Dec 2019

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Wednesday (11 December) said it is revising key regulatory text to ensure that U.S. refiners and suppliers can permissibly distribute cleaner global marine fuel for use in ships operating outside of our Emission Control Areas (ECAs).

The technical corrections to the diesel fuel regulations will allow fuel suppliers to distribute distillate diesel fuel that complies with the 5,000 ppm (0.5%) international sulphur standard for ships instead of the fuel standards that otherwise apply to distillate diesel fuel in the U.S.

This new sulfur limit is not as stringent as the limit that applies in designated U.S. ECAs, currently set at 1,000 ppm (and in effect since 2015), but is more stringent than the current global limit and is expected to lead to significant health and welfare benefits globally.

“These targeted regulatory corrections will clear the way for U.S. refiners to provide cleaner marine fuel for ships that sail across the globe,” said EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler. 

“Hitting this key deadline is vital to meeting the terms of this important treaty that protects air quality and human health both at home and abroad.”

Published: 16 December, 2019

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