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T&E analysis of MSC shipping GHG emissions in EU is inaccurate, it says

16 Dec 2019

Swiss-Italian international shipping line Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) on Thursday (12 December) pointed out an analysis conducted by the European Federation for Transport and Environment (T&E) of the former’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions data is inaccurate.

“MSC fully supports reporting CO2 emissions transparently and precisely in the European Union (EU) Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) system, as mandated by EU legislation,” it said.

“It is however vital that the raw data reported in the system are analysed accurately and take operational realities fully into account, to give a realistic picture of the related emissions.

“In this respect, a recently published report by Transport and Environment (T&E) offers an incomplete analysis of these data and therefore does not give an accurate picture of the emissions from the shipping sector.

“In particular, the T&E analysis fails to take a number of operational aspects of MSC’s services fully into account, and thus does not offer a complete assessment of our role and impact in terms of emissions.”

CO2 emissions should be compared on an equal basis, adds MSC.

“The analysis by T&E focuses on emissions in the EU and, if it is to be fully comparable across shipping lines and industries, should only take into account emissions which actually occurred in the geographical area of the EU,” it notes.

“According to an MSC analysis of its own operational records, only 40-45% of the 11 million tons of emissions reported in the MRV were actually in the EU.”

T&E recently published a report labelling MSC as the 8th biggest emitter of CO2 in the EU during 2018 due to 11 million tons of CO2 emissions.

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Photo credit: Mediterranean Shipping Company
Published: 16 December, 2019


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