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Survey finds shipping ‘relatively unprepared’ for decarbonisation

31 Oct 2019

An industry survey of senior leaders from 46 countries conducted at the Global Maritime Forum at Singapore on Wednesday (30 October) found the shipping industry to be ‘relatively unprepared’ for decarbonisation.

“Important environmental initiatives are underway within the maritime sector and the pending 2020 sulphur regulation appears to be on senior leaders’ radar,” said Peter Stokes, Chair of the Global Maritime Forum.

“They see new environmental regulation as most likely to occur in the next ten years and deem the issue to have the third highest impact. Worryingly, they perceive the maritime industry as relatively unprepared for the issue close to the deadline for the new fuel requirements.

“When it comes to decarbonisation, the maritime sector must play an even larger role in addressing climate change and the sector is a key stakeholder when it comes to both the causes and solutions related to the issue.”

The Issues Monitor’s deep dive on ‘getting to zero’ – which looks at six barriers to shipping’s decarbonisation – strongly indicates that the availability of zero carbon vessels and fuels is seen as a major barrier to shipping’s decarbonisation.

While both issues rank relatively high in perceived impact and likelihood of occurring within the next 10 years, they received the lowest preparedness scores of the entire survey.

“Commercially viable zero emission vessels powered by zero emission fuels must start entering the global fleet by 2030 and their numbers need to be radically scaled through the 2030s and 2040s if international shipping is to meet the target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50% by 2050,” said Johannah Christensen, Managing Director, Head of Projects & Programmes at the Global Maritime Forum.

“This represents an unparalleled challenge, but it can be done through close collaboration and deliberate collective action between the maritime industry, the energy sector, the financial sector, governments and IGOs.”

Photo credit: Global Maritime Forum
Published: 31 October, 2019


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