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Study: ‘Significant potential’ for biofuels to capture larger share of total maritime fuel consumption

10 Oct 2022

The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) on Thursday (6 October) published the report ‘Update on Potential of Biofuels in Shipping’ identifying key advantages in the use of biofuels in shipping and the remaining challenges, technology and regulatory gaps restricting immediate application.

The study was conducted by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), CE-Delft, and Arcsilea.

It provides an update on a previous study developed by EMSA on biofuels, examining the full range of biofuels, both liquid and gaseous, from the perspective of current production capacity, storage-and-distribution infrastructure and power-generation technologies; it also features techno-economic analyses and includes risk-based case studies to evaluate their potential for the maritime sector.

While the current use of biofuels as a bunker fuel in marine-engine applications is very limited, the report found “significant potential” for biofuels to capture a larger share of the total maritime fuel consumption and support the EU and IMO’s GHG-reduction ambitions for the maritime industry, said EMSA.

The organisation added the adoption of biofuels could be accelerated due to recent regulatory developments in the EU covering GHG emissions.

“The ‘drop-in’ characteristics of biofuels, that is the possibility to replace conventional petroleum-refined hydrocarbons without substantial modifications (and in some cases, without any modification) to engines, fuel tanks, pumps or supply systems, may offer an immediate, attractive and cost-effective solution, for the existing fleet,” it notes.

Note: The full report ‘Update on Potential of Biofuels for Shipping’ is available for download here.


Photo credit: European Maritime Safety Agency
Published: 10 October, 2022

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