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Sri Lanka: ‘Business as usual’ at Hambantota Port despite crisis

15 Jul 2022

Operations at the Hambantota International Port (HIP) from port services, marine services, energy hub, Port Industrial Park and Integrated logistics are running uninterrupted, despite the current fuel crisis in the country, said Hambantota International Port Group on Thursday (14 July). 

“As an essential service, HIP has ensured continuous fuel supply to enable the port to function 24/7 with no disruptions in shipping, logistics operations and services,” it said. 

The group also said the first half of 2022 has been very productive for the port which reached almost 1.14 million metric tonnes in handled volumes. 

“The Hambantota International Port is being developed as a multipurpose port and is currently engaged in transshipment of vehicles on the east-west sea route while being the port of call for bunkering, bulk and break bulk, energy services and marine services,” it said.  

“Container handling will be the next step for HIP and necessary infrastructure is being put in place.”

Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa reportedly left the country and arrived in Singapore on 14 July after fleeing protests triggered by an economic crisis. 

Singapore’s foreign ministry reportedly confirmed Rajapaksa was allowed to enter the city-state and had not sought or been granted asylum. 

Sri Lanka: ‘Business as usual’ at Hambantota Port despite crisis


Photo credit: Hambantota International Port Group
Published: 15 July, 2022

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