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Sinopec Qilu Company announces first delivery of LSFO marine fuel product

26 Feb 2020

Shandong-based Sinopec Qilu Company on Tuesday (24 February) announced the delivery of its first batch of low-sulfur heavy marine fuel oil (LSFO) to the ​​Longkou Bingang Liquid Chemical Terminal in Shandong.

1,724 metric tonnes (mt) of LSFO was loaded on board a special train headed to the Longkou terminal, it said. 

The production of low-sulfur heavy marine fuel oil was meant to help Sinopec gain greater market share in the international marine fuel market..

Since early 2019, the company has been preparing for production by researching and developing low-sulfur heavy marine fuel formulas. The refinery has also restructured its production and storage facilities and could go into production by November. 

Sinopec Qilu Company worked closely with Sinopec Fuel Oil Sales Co. Ltd. (Shandong),and PetroChina Co. Ltd. (Jinan-Huatie) to overcome issues in production and customs, in order to establish a solid foundation and smooth delivery of low-sulfur heavy marine fuel oil, it notes.

In 2019, the company said it will produce 10 million metric tonnes (mt) and 15 million mt of low-sulphur marine fuel oil (LSFO) respectively in 2020 and 2023.

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Photo credit: Sinopec
Published: 26 February, 2020

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