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LWP explains why the bunkering sector needs SCRIBE (Small Claims Resolved Informally By Experts)

10 Nov 2020

SCRIBE (Small Claims Resolved Informally By Experts) is an unique dispute resolution tool which facilitates parties to continue their business relationship even after a private settlement, shares Singapore arbitration and mediation veteran and expert Lee Wai Pong.

Lee is the founder of LWP.Sg Consultants (LWP) and the creator of SCRIBE, which he spent two years to develop – it is the first of such private sector initiative for adoption and usage by members of the international Maritime / Oil & Gas Business Communities but Lee is quick to add that the generic nature of SCRIBE makes it equally suitable for the general business community to adopt.

“SCRIBE enables disputants to resolve their small claim disputes in a novel, cost effective and timely fashion that proportionally matches and manages the expectations of disputants by a well-known and respected panel of experts,” Lee explained to Manifold Times in an interview.

“It is not for parties who intend to be adversarial in their relationship, but rather geared towards players who trade with each other regularly and know each other well and are keen to preserve and restore the relationship when their dispute arises.

“Typically, the bunker supplier and shipowner relationship fits into this matrix. SCRIBE is the perfect tool when both parties are not keen to formalise an expensive and lengthy court process over a minor bunker quantity dispute [of between 5-100 mt].”

SCRIBE is applicable to claims of below USD 50,000. Parties are each allowed to produce a written submission (1,500-word limit) and granted an oral hearing (45 minutes) for a total fee of SGD 3,000. An additional appointment fee for the Expert of SGD 300/- is payable to LWP.Sg Consultants and a low venue fee will apply.

The whole procedure from time of application to delivery of decision by an expert takes about two months to complete. The parties need not be represented by lawyers.

“During the course of business a bunker supplier and shipowner may encounter situations where they both do not agree with each other; they mutually know a legal battle is not worth it, but appreciate a timely settlement to nip in the bud any possibility of the dispute flaring up,” shares Lee.

“Preparation for the statement of facts is easy due to the low word limit and it can be a situation where parties simply appear at the venue representing themselves while presenting their case to an expert.

“Overall, it is a modern return to the guild community of earlier days where people can identify with each other while building trust and fellowship. The decision made by the expert is contractually binding and if the SCRIBE contract is breached, parties can sue on the contract in Court.”

Full details of SCRIBE can be found in the webpage link: http://lwp.sg/scribe.php

Messages of support for SCRIBE include:

  • The Hon. Sir Bernard Eder Q.C. – International Judge, Singapore International Commercial Court
  • Allen & Gledhill LLP – Vivian Ang, Partner
  • Harry Elias Partnership LLP – Francis Goh, Partner
  • Standard P&I Club – David Roberts, MD
  • Stephenson Harwood (Singapore) Alliance – Darryll Ng, Managing Partner
  • Wee Swee Teow LLP – Giam Chin Toon S.C. and Arvin Lee, Partners
  • Esben Poulsson – Chairman, ENESEL Pte Ltd – Shipowner
  • Caroline Yang – CEO, Hong Lam Marine- Shipowner
  • Nick Fell – EVP, BW Group – Shipowner
  • Magdalene Chew – Founding Director, AsiaLegal LLC / Director – HFW AsiaLegal
  • Charles Menaro – President Director, PT Meratus Group – Shipowner
  • K Murali Pany and John Sze – Managing Partner / Dy Managing Partner, JTJB LLP


Photo credit: LWP.Sg Consultants
Published: 10 November, 2020

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