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Japan to introduce and commercialise hydrogen-fuelled/electric-powered passenger shuttle

27 May 2021

Swiss space & naval company Almatech and Japanese maritime green tech firm e5 Lab on Wednesday (19 May) agreed on a partnership to promote the Zero Emission Speed Shuttle (ZESST) and enter the Japanese market.

ZESST is a hydrogen-fuelled, electric-powered, zero-emission passenger shuttle vessel developed by Almatech.

Engineers at Almatech, who have been involved in space technology development and naval architecture for more than 12 years, spent about three years developing ZESST.

The hydrogen-fuelled shuttle is equipped with high-efficiency hydrogen fuel cells and lithium-ion batteries. Energy consumption per passenger/cruising range is about one-fifth of conventional diesel engine-powered vessels.

The hull structure, which uses new-generation composites made with plant-based fibers, realises a further reduction in the vessel’s environmental impact.

Because ZESST combines speed, comfort, and safety, and uses no fossil fuels at all, it does not exhaust GHGs, SOx, NOx, and PMs, and generates minimal wake and noise.

Japan, as a maritime nation, is expected to adopt it as the next-generation Mobility as a Service (MaaS) on the water. The design is adaptable to vessels of various sizes (50~400 passengers) based on a modularized core system.


Photo credit: e5 Lab
Published: 27 May, 2021

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