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J-ENG unveils MGO/MDO mono-fuel engine prototype to market

18 Jan 2019

Japan Engine Corporation (J-ENG), involved in the development, design, manufacturing, maintenance, repair, sales and licensing of engines and accessories, on Wednesday (16 January) demonstrated the first operation of its prototype UEC50LSJ-EGR engine.

Development of the mono-fuel engine, currently subsidised by Nippon Foundation, is designed to be operated only on either marine gas oil (MGO) or marine diesel oil (MDO).

The UEC50LSJ engine, which fully complies with nitrogen oxide (NOx), sulphur oxide (SOx), and Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) environmental requirements, is designed under the concept of JUMP (J-ENG, Unique Marine Power).

“Especially for the global cap to cope with SOx regulations, some solutions are being suggested in the shipping industry.  UEC-LSJ engine is the best safety and reliable solution by applying MGO and/or MDO, those are stable and already used in the market, compared to the other solutions,” notes J-ENG.

“This engine will contribute not only to save operation expenses by reducing its fuel oil consumption than that of conventional engine’s even using MGO whose price is supposed to be higher compared with current HFO, but also to improve EEDI.

“Furthermore, thanks to MGO’s characteristics of not-required heating facilities and cleanliness, running costs not only in operation but also during anchoring can be saved.

“All the related stake holders, ship owners, ship operators, shipyards and crew, will acquire the benefits through the above simple engine room total design.”

Moving forward, J-ENG expects the prototype UEC50LSJ-EGR engine to meet performance targets for optimisation and reliability.

“J-ENG will contribute to marine and shipping industries by meeting global environmentally friendliness through further tests and fine tuning,” it says.

Photo credit: Japan Engine Corporation
Published: 18 January


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