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International Chamber of Shipping welcomes MSC 101 resolution

19 Jun 2019

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) on Tuesday (18 June) says it has welcomed a resolution made at the 101 session of the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC), under the International Maritime Organization (IMO), held between 5 to 14 June 2019.

“Our meeting welcomed the decision of the IMO Maritime Safety Committee last week, at which ICS led shipowner representation, to adopt an MSC Resolution addressing safety and fuel quality issues associated with the sulphur cap,” said Esben Poulsson, Chairman at the ICS annual general meeting.

The MSC Resolution on ‘Recommended Interim Measures to Enhance the Safety of Ships Relating to the Use of Oil Fuel’ means that bunker suppliers will be ‘encouraged’ by maritime administrations to provide only low sulphur fuels that meet the latest ISO Standard, i.e. ISO 8217:2017 plus the ISO Publicly Available Specification (PAS 23263) which is currently still under development, he says.

In addition, the Resolution should result in administrations taking action against fuel suppliers whenever failures to provide safe fuel take place, with instances to be reported to IMO.

However, ICS noted it remains concerned about continuing delays with the publication of the latest ISO Publicly Available Specification for low sulphur fuels, and related quality and safety issues where control depends on these standards being quickly finalised and distributed, given that the industry is only six months away from full global implementation.

“It is vital that everyone concerned including governments, ISO, oil producers and bunker suppliers redouble their efforts to ensure that safe and compatible fuels – including 0.5% blends for those ships that choose to use them – will be available in every port worldwide,” said Poulsson.

Photo credit: International Chamber of Shipping
Published: 19 June, 2019


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