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Integr8 Fuels developing methodology to predict VLSFO compatibility

01 Nov 2019

Integr8 Fuels, the bunker trading and brokerage arm of Navig8, is developing a methodology to predict very low sulphur fuel oil (VLSFO) compatibility.

The study gathered 16 VLSFO samples various suppliers across the world to compare predicted compatibility with actual physical compatibility tests. The samples resulted in 120 blend combinations (50/50 ratio) to test the method on.

The methodology required additional tests to determine Asphaltene content, actual level of aromaticity (ALA), and minimum required level of aromaticity (MRLA), on top of standard ISO 8217 testing parameters.

“The study concluded that the proposed methodology can be used to predict compatibility with a high level of accuracy and be a very useful tool for buyers of VLSFO,” stated Integr8 Fuels.

Theoretical compatibility was run on all 120 blends, with confirmatory physical spot and TSP tests performed on 17 randomly selected blends.

Results of the VLSFO compatibility methodology showed the level of accuracy reached to be high, having obtained only one false incompatible result out of the 17 randomly selected blends.

“From a risk management perspective, the robustness of the methodology comes from its ability to highlight instances where supposedly compatible fuels would in reality be incompatible,” said Integr8 Fuels.

“The methodology used requires further testing and calibration, but these preliminary results are very promising.”

Photo credit: Integr8 Fuels
Published: 1 November, 2019


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