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IBIA ‘Bunkering & Shipping in Transition’ conference on 12-13 April to discuss maritime market developments

07 Apr 2021

The International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) will be organising the first of its ‘Bunkering & Shipping in Transition’ series of conferences for 2021 from Monday, 12 to 13 April.

The digital event aims to bring together the global bunkering and shipping industry for networking. Delegates will have the opportunity to join panellists for a live Q&A.

Notably, IBIA’s Director, Unni Einemo will present the latest updates from the IMO, alongside industry experts and leaders sharing important industry developments and experiences.

The official agenda for the event is as follows:

Day 1: Monday 12 April 2021

10:00 SESSION ONE: IMO Regulatory Changes

Gain first-hand insights of the latest updates from the IMO and what it means for our industry as well as the highlights of what exactly is changing in Annex VI to progress the IMO’s initial GHG strategy.

11:00 SESSION TWO: Coping with Covid-19

Is COVID-19 is still preventing the world from returning to normal. What is the impact on the bunkering & shipping industry? Are business models changing in 2021 and are we doing things differently? Our expert panel will discuss any specific trends for 2021 due to the effects of COVID-19.

12:00 SESSION THREE: Shipping & Freight Markets

What can we expect from the Shipping & Freight Markets as 2021 is already on course, but with many unknowns? We have a clearer picture of the year that just passed, where does that leave us in terms of what to expect for the year ahead?

13:00 SESSION FOUR: Understanding VLSFO

2020 saw the induction of VLSFO blends, which are very different from the HSFOs that dominated the market previously. Our expert panel will discuss the impact on fuel quality and operational issues, and whether theISO:8217 specification is still sufficient.

Day 2: Tuesday 13 April 2021

10:00 SESSION FIVE: Alternative fuels for Shipping

The need to reduce emissions of air pollutants like SOx and NOx has already been driving the industry toward new types of cleaner-burning fuels. Going forward, the decarbonisation drive will have an even bigger impact. Join industry experts introducing what we should expect in the years ahead.

11:30 SESSION SIX: Bunkering and Digitisation

Before the COVID-19 pandemic reshaped global commerce, there was an increase in digital activity within the bunkering space. New ways of working have been developed. In this panel discussion, join new and established players in the online bunker procurement space to discuss what digital bunkering has to offer the industry.

12:30 SESSION SEVEN: Credit Risk

As banks pull their financing against a backdrop of bankruptcies and fraudulent activity, understanding and dealing with credit and risk management has never been more critical. Get the insights you need by joining industry heavyweights for this panel discussion.

13:30 Closing Remarks Unni Einemo – IBIA Director and IMO Representative

Photo credit: IBIA
Published: 7 April, 2020

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