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Former IMO Head of Emissions points to nuclear power as zero emissions solution

03 Nov 2020

UK-based former International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Head of Air Pollution and Energy Efficiency Edmund Hughes on Saturday (31 October) commented on his social media platform: “We need to start talking about nuclear powered ships – the zero-emission solution!”

At the IMO, Hughes had participated in developing regulations on energy efficiency for ships, and IMO’s work to address GHG emissions from international shipping.

“Those proposing alternative fuels such as ammonia and hydrogen may not acknowledge it but if we are to see zero carbon ships enter the market in the 2030’s then those alternative fuels may not be the most appropriate route to that goal, not least when considering the supply infrastructure conundrum,” said Hughes.

“Furthermore those calling for zero carbon emissions from shipping by 2050 (not even by the end of the century) need to consider how the largest machines on the planet are going to be powered?  

“It is suggested that small scale Molten Salt Reactors need to be put on the table with the other alternative fuels for consideration.  The pressure to take urgent action to address climate change demands it.”

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Published: 3 November, 2020

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