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Danish demonstrate ‘black box’ to track sulphur emissions

22 May 2018

The Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) is working with local technology firm Litehauz, under the aegis of EfficienSea2, to demonstrate a black box for tracking the sulphur emissions of a vessel.

It believes digital solutions for collecting and sharing data on sulphur emissions from ships to likely be “the key” to better enforcement of international sulphur limits.

The technology was recently demonstrated in the Baltic Sea with the aim of making sulphur emissions monitoring far more efficient than the standards of today, which are based on physical inspection and fuel sampling.

“The DMA is committed to harvesting the benefits of digitalisation – not least with the aim of making enforcement far more effective across the world,” it says.

“For this project, the next step is joining forces with other authorities and industry to determine how best to apply this new technology in the real world.”

The EfficienSea2 project is led by the Danish Maritime Authority with 32 partners from 12 countries in the Baltic Sea region and beyond.

Photo credit: Danish Maritime Authority
Published: 22 May, 2018


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