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Castrol Cat II Cyltech 40 XDC cylinder oil receives ‘No Objection Letter’ from MAN ES

08 Jul 2022

Castrol’s new cylinder oil, Cyltech 40 XDC (eXtra Deposit Control), has successfully attained a Category II No Objection Letter (NOL) from MAN Energy Solutions (MAN ES) after extensive field testing, said Castrol on Tuesday (5 July). 

The new cylinder oil will be available later in 2022. 

MAN ES introduced the new performance category for mark 9 and above 2-stroke engines after these engines were recognised to require cylinder oils with excellent overall performance with a special focus on cleanliness. 

Category II NOLs were first awarded to the 100BN and 140BN cylinder oils and Castrol has Category II NOLs for Cyltech 100 and Cyltech 140. The introduction of Cyltech 40 XDC completes the portfolio of Cyltech Category II cylinder oils for use across the marine fuel sulphur content range.

The extensive testing on Castrol Cyltech 40 XDC, that included over 2,000 hours running on a MAN BW 7G80ME-C9.2-TII engine burning < 0.5% sulphur VLSFO, confirmed that Castrol Cyltech 40 XDC has excellent overall performance and cleaning ability, making it suitable for all MAN B&W two-stroke engines and recommended for mark 9 and higher using 0 to 0.5% S fuel.

Cassandra Higham, Marketing Director, Global Marine and Energy, at Castrol said: “Gaining confirmation of Cyltech 40 XDC’s performance is another example of Castrol’s ongoing efforts to support customers dealing with industry uncertainties and challenges. Engines are critically important and valuable assets, which is why Castrol experts are accessible to support customers, not only with the right lubricant to protect against engine wear, but also to interpret marine manufacturers’ trends.”

The Castrol Cyltech range has been formulated to protect liners in engines operating under corrosive conditions by keeping liners, pistons and piston rings clean while reducing wear. The range includes options tailored to reduce deposits and prevent hard ash build-up for a variety of steaming conditions and specific fuel sulphur levels.

Higham said that despite the many unknowns relating to the direction of future fuels, optimum engine efficiency, which could be supported by Cyltech 40 XDC, remains a constant requirement in today’s operating environment. 

“As shipping transitions from a period of relatively predictable, commoditised products to a more complex array of alternative fuels, lubricant choice has reached a new level of importance. Choosing the right lubricant, combined with excellent technical services including scheduling, monitoring and consultancy, can have significant impact in problem solving, realising quantifiable benefits and achieving operational efficiency,” he said. 


Photo credit: Chris Pagan on Unsplash
Published: 8 July, 2022

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