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Asahi Tanker orders world’s first zero-emission electric propulsion bunker tankers

31 Mar 2020

Japanese marine transportation company Asahi Tanker Co. Ltd. on Friday (27 March) said it has decided to build two of the world’s first zero-emission electric propulsion bunker tankers.

Asahi states the tankers will utilise the “e5 tanker” design by e5 Laboratories Inc and construction is expected to be completed in March 2022 for the first tanker and March 2023 for the second.

The vessels are pure battery tankers powered by large-capacity lithium-ion batteries, and are anticipated to enter Tokyo Bay as marine fuel supply vessels.

Both vessels are designed to completely run on batteries to achieve zero emissions from carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxide (NOx), sulfur oxide (SOx), and soot to reduce impact on the health of the crew onboard and the environment. 

In addition, various digital tools will be adopted- including various automated components and the Internet of Things (IoT) fleet management application, to reduce the workload of crew onboard and improve operating efficiency.

Photo credit: Asahi Tanker Co. Ltd.
Published: 31 March, 2020


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