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Wilhelmsen Ships Service introduces bunker test and treat program

08 Oct 2018

Wilhelmsen Ships Service is recommending owners and operators to address the stability and compatibility issues associated with new low sulphur, hybrid, and blended fuels with their test and treat program.

Part of their tailor-made low sulphur fuel treatment range, the Unitor Fuel Oil Stability Test Kit provides a stability number in accordance with ASTM D7160.

It is a simplified version of the ASTM test, but in just ten minutes will provide a quick indication of the fuel stability, showing how easily or quickly the fuel falls apart and the likelihood it will produce large amounts of sludge.

“Analysing fuels and understanding fuel performance through condition monitoring is critical and is quite simply the best way to avoid costly damages and engine failures,” says Jonas Östlund, Product Marketing Manager, Oil Solutions, Wilhelmsen Ships Service.

“Instability in fuel, if unrecognized and unchecked, can cause severe problems such as sludging of the fuel tanks, filter blockages and excessive sludging of the purifier.

“Regular testing is key to reducing the risks inherent with such fuels, as it allows the crew on board to understand the changing stability of the fuel whilst in storage on board the ship.”

Photo credit: Wilhelmsen Ships Service
Published: 8 October, 2018


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