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Wartsila: LNG to play ‘crucial role’ in clean shipping future

24 Apr 2018

The application of a variety of technologies, including the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a marine fuel, will be needed for shipping to significantly lower its environmental load, says the CEO of technology group Wartsila.

“It is vital to note that there is no single solution for decarbonising the shipping sector while also controlling the other pollutants,” explains Jaakko Eskola, CEO.

“A clean-shipping future must be based on the combining of different technologies and various solutions. These will include cleaner fuels, efficient vessel designs, hybrid propulsion technologies, and intelligent vessels.”

He believes the increased adoption of LNG as a marine fuel will be needed to accelerate the reduction in greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions.

LNG-related innovations can already lower emissions of GHG from vessels by as much as 30%, and the potential for even further reductions is being created by the constant development of new technologies.

LNG as a bunker fuel has a “crucial role” in GHG reduction roadmap, and provides the basis for other actions to even further reduce the emissions of shipping.

Moving forward, Wartsila forecasts digitalisation to have a positive impact on shipping’s future by increasing overall resource efficiency, minimising the environmental burden, and increasing the safety and reliability of maritime transport.

“We should look beyond just vessel-level emissions. To be truly effective, we need to target everything involved in moving goods and passengers,” notes Eskola.

“At Wartsila, we envision a Smart Marine Ecosystem wherein smart vessels sail between smart ports in an environment of optimal efficiency and minimised emissions.

Photo credit: Wartsila
Published: 24 April, 2018


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