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VPS: High abrasive bunker fuels at Singapore port

12 Apr 2018

The below is an alert from fuel testing and bunker quantity survey firm Veritas Petroleum Services issued on Monday:

Veritas Petroleum Services has tested several fuel oil samples representing HFO deliveries in Singapore with Aluminium and Silicon (Al+Si) concentrations ranging up to 102 mg/kg.

The deliveries were made by multiple suppliers from 1 to 6 April 2018.

Elevated amounts of these highly abrasive particles cause accelerated wear of diesel engine components, such as piston rings, cylinder liners and fuel pumps if not reduced to acceptable levels.

Ships receiving high Al+Si fuels are recommended to take Fuel System Check samples to assess the fuel treatment efficiency and to know the fuel oil quality at the engine inlet. This will help in any subsequent assessment of increased engine wear and damages, and in resolving fuel quality disputes.

This Bunker Alert does not necessarily reflect the overall fuel quality supplied at the subject port but if your ship recently bunkered at this port or intends to do so, please ensure the fuel quality is known before use.

VPS laboratories and regional offices span all time zones and can assist you with further commercial and technical advice if required.

Published: 12 April, 2018

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