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Vessel fuel saving device reaches 500th installation milestone

06 Aug 2018

The MT-FAST, a saving device jointly developed by NYK Group company MTI Co. Ltd. and Tsuneishi Holdings Corporation, has now been installed on over 500 vessels, it says.

Since 2008, the device has been installed on ships built at Tsuneishi shipyards and NYK Group operated bulk carriers and containerships, helping save about 447,000 metric tonnes (mt) of fuel and reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by about 1,341,000 mt. 

MT-FAST is a multi-blade device that can be attached to a ship’s hull to improve the propeller's propulsion efficiency.

Two vessels, one equipped with MT-FAST and another without, sailed the same route in parallel in the same meteorological and oceanic conditions and fuel savings of 4.8% was confirmed, says NYK Group.

“A ship moves forward when the engine rotates the propeller, which sucks in the water in front of it and propels that water backwards, creating the force that pushes the vessel forward,” it explains.

“However, when converting the rotational power into propulsive power, a swirling flow that reduces propulsion efficiency is generated.

“MT-FAST is attached to a ship's hull just forward of the propeller and improves the flow of water around the propeller by reducing the swirling flow generated behind the propeller, thus improving propulsion efficiency and reducing fuel consumption by around 4%.”

Photo credit: NYK Group
Published: 7 August, 2018


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