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Sweden has decided to fine sulphur violators

06 Jun 2018

The Government of Sweden has decided to issue an “environmental sanction fee” as a punishment to shipping firms which violate the global sulphur cap for marine fuels, it says.

The penalty fee for first offenders will start from between SEK 5,000 (USD $570) to SEK 500,000; the size of the fine will depend on the engine's power and the sulphur content of the fuel – the higher the engine power and the sulphur content, the higher the penalty.

If an environmental sanction fee has been decided for an infringement, and the violation continues or repeated, a fee twice the amount will be paid. In other words, the fee can be as high as SEK 1,000,000.

There are “strong economic incentives” for commercial shipping firms to violate the rules on maximum sulphur content in marine fuel, says the government.

The cost of high sulphur fuel is significantly lower than more environmentally friendly fuel with low sulphur content, and an effective sanction system helps to protect human health and the environment by reducing sulphur oxide emissions. It also ensures competition neutrality.

“Through this reform, regulatory authorities can decide on effective and sensible measures against those who flee with marine fuel,” says Environmental Minister Karolina Skog. 

“My hope is that this will lead to reduced emissions from commercial shipping and better competitive conditions.”

Photo credit: Kristian Pohl/Regeringskansliet
Published: 6 June, 2018


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