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Straits Inter Logistics acquires 51% of Megah Port Management for RM 1.53 million

26 Feb 2020

Straits Port Management Sdn Bhd (SPMSB), a subsidiary of Malaysia-listed oil trading and bunkering firm Straits Inter Logistics Berhad (SIL), on Tuesday (25 February) acquired a 51% share of Megah Port Management Sdn Bhd (MPMSB) for RM 1.53 million (USD 360,000) via a Shareholders Agreement.

The remaining half of MPMSB shares has been acquired by LPM Holdings Sdn. Bhd. (LHSB) for approximately RM 1.47 million, it said.

Both SPMSB, LHSB and MPMSB will jointly undertake Port Management Services at Labuan Port from 1 April 2020 onwards.

SIL in late January accepted Labuan Port Authority’s Letter of Award for the operation and facility management of Labuan Liberty Terminal in the Federal Territory of Labuan.

“The execution of the Shareholders Agreement represents mutual agreement between SPMSB, LHSB and MPMSB to work together and to collaborate for the purposes of undertaking the Port Management Services, whereby MPMSB will function as the operating company to carry out Port Management Services at Labuan Port,” said SIL.

“As such, the Shareholders Agreement is intended to facilitate MPMSB to undertake Port Management Services at Labuan Port by outlining and coordinating the responsibilities and roles of MPMSB and its shareholders.

“The Board believes that, barring any unforeseen circumstances, the successful operations of MPMSB will potentially contribute positively to the future earnings of Straits and its subsidiaries (“Straits Group” or the “Group”) and improve the Group’s financial position moving forward.”

The decision to diversify into port operations was due the Group’s financial performance mainly relying on a single business segment, i.e. oil trading and bunkering services over the past years.

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Photo credit: Straits Inter Logistics Berhad

Published: 26 February, 2020

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