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Singapore: Domestic marine fuel supplier fined by Singapore court

13 Jan 2019

OMS Marine Pte Ltd (OMS Marine), a supplier of petrol and diesel fuel for leisure crafts and boats, on Wednesday (9 January) pleaded guilty to charges for failing to comply with the Weights and Measures Act, the national body for legal metrology, says Enterprise Singapore.

It was fined a total of SG $6,000 by the State Courts for having fuel dispensers with inaccurate readings that short-changed its customers. Two other charges for possessing unverified measuring instruments for trade use were taken into consideration.

“Enterprise Singapore began investigation in December 2017 after it received a complaint from a consumer on the inaccuracies of OMS Marine’s fuel dispenser,” it said.

“A spot check conducted on the company’s fuel dispensers found that the measuring instruments were last sent in to an Authorised Verifier1 for verification in January 2015.

“This violates requirements under the Weights and Measures Act, where all weighing and measuring instruments used for trade must be verified annually by an Authorised Verifier and be affixed with a valid ACCURACY label.

“A notice was issued to OMS Marine to cease supply of fuel immediately and send its fuel dispensers for verification, and the company complied.

“Further investigation by Enterprise Singapore into the accuracy of the fuel dispensers found that they were supplying less fuel than the stated reading.

“At the point of verification in January 2018, the diesel fuel dispenser supplied 2% less fuel and the petrol fuel dispenser supplied 2.4% less fuel. These were above the permitted tolerance level of 0.5% provided for under the Act.”

According to Enterprise Singapore, any person who violates the requirements to verify and affix the ACCURACY label on weighing and measuring instruments for trade use is punishable on conviction to a fine not exceeding SG $2,000, and the instruments in question will be forfeited.

It is also an offence for any person to use or possess these instruments for trade use which gives inaccurate readings that would disadvantage its customers.

This offence is punishable upon conviction to a fine not exceeding SG $5,000 or to imprisonment not exceeding three months or to both.

Consumers who purchased fuel from OMS Marine between January 2016 and January 20182 should seek redress from the supplier with proof of purchase.

If consumers are unable to do so, they may approach the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) for assistance at its hotline +65 6100 0315 or www.case.org.sg.

Photo credit: Manifold Times
Published: 14 January, 2019


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