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WFS seeking US $2.55 million for bunkers to “HHL Richards Bay”

15 Jan 2019

New York-listed bunkering firm World Fuel Services (WFS) on Thursday (10 January) filed a complaint to a U.S. Court seeking a US $2.55 million (exact: $2,552,247.93, including interest) bunker claim from troubled Hamburg-based carrier Hansa Heavy Lift GmbH & Company KG, according to a court document obtained by Manifold Times.

WFS identified Hansa Heavy Lift GmbH & Company KG as owner and Hansa Heavy Lift GmbH as agent and manager of the HHL Richards Bay and alleged it supplied marine fuel to the vessel over 11 separate occasions.

Between March to October 2018, WFS supplied marine fuel to the HHL Richards Bay at the Port of Singapore, Singapore (twice); Port of Shanghai, China; Port of Fremantle, Australia; Port of Xiamen, China; Port of Masan, South Korea; Port of Nakhoda, Russia; Port of Durban, South Africa; Port of Murmansk, Russia; and the Port of Fujairah, United Arab Emirates (twice).

Details of the deliveries to HHL Richards Bay (quoted price without interest) are as follows:

  1. 26 March – Port of Singapore, 595.28 mt of 380 cSt, $222,249.53
  2. 21 April – Port of Singapore, 529.28 mt of 380 cSt and 158 mt of MGO, 316,2395
  3. 4 May – Port of Shanghai, 1850 mt of 180 cSt, $80,908.90
  4. 12 June – Port of Fremantle, 179.60 mt of 380 cSt, $100,576.56
  5. 24 June – Port of Xiamen, 147.00 mt of 380 cSt, $67,767.00
  6. 7 July – Port of Masan, 120 mt of MGO, $85,100.00
  7. 10 July – Port of Nakhoda, 885 mt of 380 cSt, 65 mt of 380 cSt, $422,846.83
  8. 9 November – Port of Durban, 350.47 mt of 380 cSt, $180,569.57
  9. 29 August – Port of Murmansk, 670 mt of 380 cSt, $293,285.00
  10. 11 October – Port of Fujairah, 799.99 mt of 380 cSt, $50,091.27
  11. 29 October – Port of Fujirah, 885.33 mt of 380 cSt and 39.40 mt of MGO, $484,498.84

“Having not been paid for any of the fuel and gas oil supplied to the Vessel on the orders of the Defendants, WFS sent a contractually authorized notice to the Defendants, which had the effect of accelerating any invoices for which a later due date was still outstanding to a due date of December 6, 2018,” stated the legal document.

“WFS then filed an action for a conservatory arrest of the “HHL RICHARDS BAY” in Ivory Coast on all eleven contracts, a procedural measure alleging a maritime claim whereby the Vessel was arrested in Ivory Coast on or around December 13, 2018.”

The HHL Richards Bay remains under arrest at Ivory Coast.

Photo credit: MarineTraffic / Trevor Powell
Published: 15 January, 2019


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