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Sing Fuels: Second session of ‘The Resilience Advantage’ webinars continue next Monday

24 Apr 2020

Singapore-based global energy trading firm Sing Fuels will be holding the second of three webinars entitled ‘The Resilience Advantage’ for clients and the public on Monday (27 April) evening (Singapore time).

The complimentary online sessions will allow participants to increase their skills for personal and professional effectiveness. The first session focusing on Heart Focused Breathing took place on Monday (20 April).

“I found the breathing skills taught from the first session of ‘The Resilience Advantage’ helpful and have been applying it in my line of work ever since,” shared Tang Lay Hoon, Chief Operating Officer at Sing Fuels.

“The reminder, ‘breathe like a baby, breathe with the belly rather than the lungs or chest,’ shared by the trainer allowed me and my peers to better focus, process information and solve problems during daily operations.

“We are looking forward to learning what Nikate Khaitan will be sharing with the group during the second session on upcoming Monday.

“The session is geared towards helping participants achieve awareness and mastery of one’s emotional state.”

The second (of three) 1.5-hour sessions of the ‘The Resilience Advantage’ webinar will cover: 

  • Depleting and renewing emotions
  • Energy-draining situation & events exercise
  • Inner-ease technique
  • Application of inner ease
  • Depletion & renewal grid technique

The webinar is conducted by Nikate Khaitan, Residential Trainer at The Monroe Institute – the world’s leading education centre for the study of human consciousness.

Khaitan is a certified trainer for the Institute of HeartMath’s Resilence Advantage Program® (EmWave® technology), CBT for the Life System (Quantum Biofeedback), Practitioner of the Mind Mirror (EEG based biofeedback) and Progen Aura Camera 6000 (Aura photography and reading).

He is the Regional coordinator for the Local Chapter Network in India and along with his wife, Shrimangala, has been actively promoting the Outreach Program while conducting Excursion workshops all over India.

Registration information:

Participants can register to attend the second session of the webinar ‘The Resilience Advantage’ here: http://singfuelswebinar2.rsvpify.com

Webinars focusing on different topics will be held on 27 April (Session 2) and 4 May (Session 3).

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Published: 23 April, 2020

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