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Pakistan prohibits discharge of wash-water from open-loop scrubbers at Port of Karachi

22 Jan 2020

Akshat Arora, Senior Surveyor and Yves Vandenborn, Director of Loss Prevention, of The Standard Club on Tuesday (21 January) was notified by one of its members that the Port of Karachi in Pakistan has joined the list of ports effecting a ban on the discharge of wash-water from open-loop scrubbers:

As per circular no. 001/2020 issued by the Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Maritime Affairs (Ports & Shipping Wings)

the discharge of wash-water from open-loop scrubbers is prohibited in Port. While in the Port, vessels fitted with hybrid type of scrubbers should switch to the closed-loop mode of operations. As for vessels fitted with open-loop scrubbers, they would need to switch over to compliant fuel instead.

The circular advises ships to carry out this switch-over well in advance of the ship’s arrival in port waters, so that any operational issues can be identified and dealt with before the ship enters Pakistani waters.

Members with ships fitted with scrubbers and calling at the Port of Karachi are recommended to take note of the attached circular and comply with local regulations.

Members are also recommended to refer to the club’s article on scrubber guidance for details of other ports where open-loop scrubbers are banned.


Source: The Standard Club
Photo credit: Photo by Sameer Akhtari on Unsplash
Published: 22 January, 2020

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