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Lubmarine whitepaper offers shipping operators latest insights to effective marine lubrication

17 Dec 2021

A new white paper – Adapting to Life in the Post IMO2020 Landscape – was published on Wednesday (15 December) by marine lubricant specialist Lubmarine.

The document provides vessel owners and operators with key insights into the vital role that correct lubricant selection and onboard lubrication oil management plays in preventing costly engine failures.

The new 40-page white paper looks at the key impacts experienced by the shipping industry’s transition to IMO2020 and beyond.

It reveals the critical role that a correct lubrication strategy can play in helping vessel operators ensure safe and reliable engine operation, minimise risk, and ultimately extend engine life expectancy.

“The aim of the white paper is to provide operators and engineers with additional insights, advice and guidance, enabling them to truly understand how vital correct lubrication selection and ongoing analysis is in the post IMO2020 landscape,” said Lubmarine General Manager, Arnaud Guichard.

This white paper forms part of a series of reports that are being launched by TotalEnergies to provide the shipping sector with critical insights across a range of key industry topics.

It reinforces the company’s commitments across the entire marine-related value chain – including marine fuels, lubricants, fuel additives, and battery technology production, as well as in its shipping operations.

“Using the right lubricant in the right amount to deliver optimum performance together with smart engine monitoring is the goal every vessel operator is ultimately seeking,” adds Lubmarine Global Marketing Manager, Serge Dal Farra.

“Our goal through this white paper is to guide operators and help drive home the importance of engine cleanliness.”

To find out more about Adapting to Life in the Post IMO2020 Landscape and to download a copy, visit: https://go.lubmarine.totalenergies.com/lp-talusia-universal-cylinder-oil-white-paper-2021


Photo credit: Shaah Shahidh on Unsplash
Published: 17 December, 2021


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