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LR FOBAS issues reminder on Chinese domestic ECAs and Taiwan

03 Dec 2018

Lloyd’s Register FOBAS on Friday issued the following reminder to all shipowners and operators:

This bulletin will serve to remind our client base about the imminent changes in Chinese domestic emissions control areas from 1st January 2019. Commercial ships before entering three designated emission control areas need to change over to fuels with maximum Sulphur of 0.50% m/m unless fitted with operational exhaust gas cleaning system. This requirement is already in place in Yangtze River Delta from 1st October 2018 however other two emission control areas of Pearl River Delta and Bohai Rim waters are scheduled to implement maximum 0.50% Sulphur requirement from 1st January 2019. The details of the geographical boundaries of three emissions control areas have been provided in this bulletin from Chinese Maritime Safety Administration (MSA).

Similarly, further to our bulletin, Taiwan’s Ministry of Transport and Communication (MOTC) is also scheduled to implement maximum 0.50% Sulphur limit on marine fuels from 1st January 2019 for commercial ships entering Taiwan ports. It appears that there is no designated Taiwanese emission control area however MOTC have defined the extent to port areas on their website.

It is recommended that further guidance is sought from the relevant port authorities. Records should be kept up-to-date relating to any necessary fuel oil change-overs, recording the date and time of entering and exiting the emission control area. Also, it is recommended that the relevant bunker delivery notes of the maximum 0.50% Sulphur fuels used should be retained for compliance verification.

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Published: 3 December 2018

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