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Klaveness Combination finds current measures to decarbonise shipping ‘questionable’

30 Sep 2020

In conjunction with World Maritime Day, Norway-based global shipping company Klaveness Combination Carriers ASA on Thursday (24 September) noted sustainability is finally high on the agenda in the shipping industry among shipowners, charterers and governments around the world. 

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has started the transition towards a sustainable future and has adopted and will continue to develop measures to push the industry in the right direction, it said. 

In addition, last week, European lawmakers agreed to include international carbon emissions from the maritime sector in the EU carbon market from 2021.

The company said: “It is however questionable whether these measures will be enough to increase the speed of the decarbonisation of the shipping industry.” 

Higher taxes on fossil fuels and/or carbon pricing will be necessary going forward to incentivise shipping to make the necessary investments and to start using low carbon fuels and eventually zero emission fuels, it added.

Klaveness Combination Carriers noted it offers today the most carbon efficient deep-sea dry bulk and tanker shipping solution and has set ambitious environmental targets including reaching IMO’s 2030 carbon intensity targets within 2022 and becoming carbon neutral within 2030.

The company said it has several ongoing initiatives both when it comes to operational efficiency and technical solutions to save fuel.

It also noted that it has tested sustainable biofuel in 2020 and is progressing in its work to develop future zero-emission solutions. 

“The industry has a long way to go, and we are strong supporters of new international regulations that can increase the speed of decarbonising of the shipping industry,” it concluded.

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Photo credit: Klaveness Combination Carriers
Published: 30 September, 2020

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